I dig smart people. Throw in a good amount of passion and the desire to coax out the good in others and, well, I get just a little bit of a crush. And I've been crushin' on Erin for awhile now.

We didn't actually 'meet' at Bloggy Boot Camp in St. Louis, but we connected over Twitter and together endured the nastiness that was the Millenium Hotel (no, I'm not linking to them. Trust me on this one.). Since then I've come to admire Erin for her willingness to just put it all out there. She's a pioneer in these here parts, launching the Kansas City show of Listen to Your Mother with the equally fab Laura Seymour and partnered with Amie Shea on The Gay Dad Project. I admire her for her fortitude. I admire that she wants to forge a better path for children of gay parents and that she does so in a way that is genuine and warm.

So imagine my delight to be writing over in her space today. She's carved a space on her blog called 'writer's roots' where guest bloggers share why they write. How they came to know that it was a necessity, not always a chore, and what the act of putting words to a page means to them. I'm honored to share my writer's roots on Erin's blog today. I hope you'll get cozy and, once you've read my post (pretty please), dig into Erin's site. You'll be glad you did. Promise.

P.S. Erin…big thank you. I'm honored to share your space.  I really want to try to be witty and try to tie the whole roots thing to the 'I dig smart people' admission, but despite my best efforts I got nothin'. The gratitude, though, is BIG. xo