Feeling a bit too restless lately. Not that there's a lack of anything to do. Just the opposite actually–seems that even though I thrive on overload and pressure, when it gets to be just too much I become scattered and can't seem to focus on anything like I should. I jump from one thing to another without really getting what I wanted to accomplish done; I revisit issues/people that are better left alone; seems like I seek out trouble when really I just need to buckle down and FOCUS.

Doesn't help, of course, that I've spent the better part of a week taking care of a sick kiddo…and now it's moved to kid #2 so it looks like another crappy week (pun intended).

If I were my own client I'd give myself fabulous advice….I'd venture to guess that the reason I can't focus is that I am batting far too many issues around in my head. "Big" issues that deal with money, kids, etc. Issues that are taking up far too much space because I'm refusing to make some decisions or have some difficult conversations.

So basically, my cowardly ways are getting in the way of progress. If I were my own client, I'd have myself make a list of what could possibly happen if I make those decisions and do what I need to do–and my client would see that the world won't end, people won't hate me, and my kids won't need therapy (at least not right now, anyway).

Strange really–for someone who's always embraced change as good, I'm fighting these a little too much. Go figure.