This one was tough for me. Kindness… theory I’d like to think we’re all kind. I have my moments of kindness. I’d like to be a kind person. I’ve learned, through experience, that people take advantage of kindness and before too long it becomes something that’s used against you. Cynical, jaded & harsh…..I know. But that’s me.

This new job has made this even more noticeable to me. I try to be kind….and that’s been taken advantage of, by coworkers, by the people who come looking for work. I’m trying to remember to not take it personally, to remember that I am simply filling a place and that none of it is personal. Hard though, to remember.

I’ve been visiting every day in an attempt to bring focus to my crazy days. Friday’s entry was great and appropriate for this challenge, I think. Read it here. It’s what I’ve been trying to remember, and to remember that I may not be able to be kind to everyone, everyday, every time. But I can try.