It’s blog hop time again. For anyone unsure of what that means, please scroll to the bottom of this post and read all about the lovely ladies who have embraced Ali EdwardsOne Little Word philosophy and link up each month to share insights, ah-ha’s and layouts. If you’re going in order, you’ve just visited Cheri, and your next stop is Kara.

I probably wouldn’t have posted anything OLW related this month had it not been for this hop. I wrote about it last year; about how being asked to just be quiet and let things be was an assignment that isn’t my favorite. Still isn’t. I guess that whole leopards and spots theory rings true.

Instead, this month, I planned to get organized. I planned to get all of my crafty stuff together, and arrange it in a way that it would be easy for me to take just a few minutes and get my hands dirty. I thought that having things ready would allow me to actually indulge of this long lost interest of making things just for the sake of making things. The way it stands now, if I do want to create a layout I must lug out my ironing board (which I’ve found is the perfect height–for me– of a temporary work table) and rifle through my stacks of plastic boxes, looking for paper and little bits of stuff that might spark an ounce of creativity.

I failed.

I failed because the month flew by with all sorts of transition and activity, and doing anything other than what needed to get done just wasn’t in the plan. It seems that Erin is the only one who was immune to milestone transitions; she stayed at the same school. Nicholas moved up to junior high and was a bit anxious. Understandably so, as he’s at a school that none of his elementary pals are. He’s navigating new hallways, memorizing locker combinations and getting used to seven teachers instead of one all by himself. After a few glitches, he’s doing just fine.

Adam, of course, started college and, as I type this, has come home for a short visit over the three day weekend. It was a surprise, to get to see him; we thought that he wouldn’t be able to make a visit until Thanksgiving. There’s lots of hugging and giggling and talking and (my favorite) requested couch time. I’m in awe of how settled he seems, how well he’s adjusted and seems at home in this new place.

So instead of having a project this month, like I usually do, I have a quick collage of pictures. Not just of me; there’s a selfish reason, of course, that has everything to do with hating pictures of myself but a more practical reason as well. My word–invest–hasn’t been about me at all, particularly this past month. It’s been in them. It’s been about investing in their futures, whether that’s financially or emotionally. It’s been about being here for them, no matter what else I have going on in my own life.

As Erin and I sat on the porch last night, waiting for Adam to arrive, she played in the rain and made ‘wetprints’ on the concrete. I stared at those hand and footprints for quite some time, thinking about how they’ll fade as the water evaporates. I thought about how the impressions my kids make on me seem to fade, too; the specifics blur into all the other memories and sometimes the days seem to blur into one long month (or longer).

Doesn’t mean that the impressions are wasted, though. I found myself thinking that instead of missing the impressions that have vanished, I might try embracing those that are fresh. Anticipating those that will come. Knowing that the layers of impressions is really what I’m investing in; the moments that create a life, not just the events that fill a scrapbook. Doesn’t matter what form the impressions come in…the rainy ones, the muddy ones, the floury ones, the sticky ones…are all still there even when schools change and kids grow. They are my retirement account, my memoirs, my mom/me story.

Thanks for stopping by this month.

The One Little Word Blog Hop is a monthly event that happens on the first day of each month. A group of participants link together to share their experiences with their own personal One Little Word journey. The concept was started by Ali Edwards, when she mused that rather than making resolutions for a new year she’d choose a word that might serve as a  guide, a reminder and a point of reference. Her class at Big Picture Classes offers monthly prompts and encourages participants to work at their own pace.

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