It should be illegal to be this cute!! And the scanned pic doesn’t do the actual pic justice–it just GLOWS it’s so amazingly good. Isn’t he adorable??

Tonight was Nicholas’ first grade music program. All the kiddos were so so cute. They did the typical “baby it’s cold outsdie” and “frosty the snowman” songs….all in hats, scarves and mittens. Too cute. Nicholas was nervous….which I find so cute because he’s typically so outgoing and not shy at all….but you could just see on his face how nervous he was. And, as much as I adore him, I have to admit that the boy inherited my (lack of) musical/dancing talent….he made it through, but it didn’t come easy!!

Here he is, hamming it up with his favorite teachers Ms McCully (his main teacher):

and Ms. Whittle, his music teacher: