I'm tickled to be over at Brassy Apple's I Am More Than Just blog today. This month she is featuring mothers, in all of our various and glorious shapes, sizes and forms, and I've loved visiting her each day to see gorgeous pics of real-life moms and their little ones.

Today it's me and my sidekick. The picture was from a few weeks ago, when we braved the chilly weather and set up a picnic at Frisco Park. We ate fried chicken, watched the ducks fight for bread chunks and did our best to watch the nightsky through Adam's telescope. That part of the night was a bust (too cloudy and too many lights) but the highlight was how Erin informed both of her brothers that she WILL be there when they have their first date, when they get married and when they have babies of their own. She was giggling, and silly, but serious nonethless when she said 'I'll know your girlfriends, and I'm going to be making sure that they treat you right. Because you're my brothers."

Even though I was laughing at her silly voices and (veiled) attempt to be threatening about watching them during their first dates, I was also touched at how deeply she loves her brothers. How, even at 7, she understands that they will live very different lives one day and that part of that means they will welcome other people into our family. How she genuinely wants her brothers to find good women to be with.

She also threatened to be there for their first kisses, which finally got a response from both of the boys and resulted in a crazy tickle/giggle fest. Let's hope she's forgotten about that pesky little detail by now.

Head on over to Rachel's site and scroll through the month's entries. So many lovely pictures and stories of what it means to these different women  to be mother.