Did anyone else hear that phrase ad nasuem growing up? As in “I am sick and tired of……”. I swore I’d never say it. Of course I’v failed miserably with that declaration. So, with full humility, I list what I am sick and tired of today:

I am sick….literally sick. As in ‘don’t venture too far from the bathroom’ and ‘the smell of dinner makes me want to die’ sick. Bleck.

I am tired of my thermostat not working and my feet always being frozen (even with socks & slippers)

I am tired of my kids never being satisfied with anything

I am tired of lying people who think they’re smart enough to manipulate (at work)

I am tired of people who think they’re more important than anyone else

I am tired of bills and people who don’t hold up their end of the bargain

I am tired of being tired

I am tired of power trips and head games

I am tired of bitching. And I feel better now (still won’t venture far from the bathroom, but still…..)

So–got news about my car. One estimate was $3800. The second was $5700. The insurance company will only pay $2000 to fix the frame damage. They won’t pay for the repainting, for the damaged transmission pan or the damaged oil pan or anything else. So, here I sit, hoping that there isn’t something else wrong with this thing that I’ll be making payments on for the next two years.

So, that’s enough downers to end the week with. Happy weekend all!