“It’s ok for the cup to be half empty sometimes…because sometimes is just IS. “

Yup, that about sums it up.

We’re back to the crappy stuff–I’ve fired more people than I’ve hired. I was told I need to be more “understanding” that one of the people who works for us “needs to be needed” and I should be ok with that. This conversation was after I told said employee I can’t accept gifts (he was trying to give me a Subway gift card and asking me to lunch). I’m not comfortable with it–and I was told that I was cold because of that. So, I guess that’s me. Cold.

P. is back to the text messages and asking me to dinner. Wise advice was to say no and not feel guilty. Easier said than done (the not feeling guilty part).

I will NEVER EVER get caught up on bills. I got paid today and I’m already behind.
This is the worst part of being a single parent…..how the hell am I going to support 3 kids on what I make? And pay off old bills. And save money. I’m trying to think of a job I can get just on Wednesday nights when the kids are with P.

That brings up the ugly issue of time, which, like money, there is never enough of. I don’t have time to work all day, take care of the kiddos, keep the paperwork done, keep track of all the kids’ school stuff…..not to even mention doing anything fun like coffee with friends or scrapping.

Glass half empty. I am still reminding myself that the half-full part is pretty damn good. Kids are amazing and healthy and happy. The house is warm. I have a job to complain about. But still there’s that other half of the glass to work on filling. And I just can’t shake the feeling that I’ll never, ever, get it as full as I want it.