My first corporate bid, that is.

What did you think I was talking about? :)

I was bummed all day yesterday……I’d worked so hard on it. And I lost it over a dollar or two a day in price difference. Frustrating, when what I sell is never the cheapest option. Frustrating.

Oh well, I will hoist my hefty backside up and try again this morning with an early appointment. This week will leave me exhausted as I have not only my call volume to worry about but 5 appointments and three networking events. At least that gets me out of the office for a while.

In other random early morning thoughts…..I don’t know why I haven’t noticed it before, but Erin is singing along with everything. She sings the loudest at Church, she sings along with the radio, she sings along with cartoons, she makes up her own silly songs and sings while she eats her cereal or even when she’s just walking around the house. I remember my sister Laura singing all the time when we were growing up and it drove me absolutely insane. There was nothing I wanted more than for her to shut up. But I could listen to Erin sing all day long. There’s something so sweet and unassuming…….she doesnt’ care what she sounds like, she’s just joyful and happy. She makes my heart smile.

Nicholas, on the other hand, is testing the boundaries of language. Last night while watching Dancing With the Stars he exclaimed “She needs to put some clothes on!!”. That cracked me up, and made me smile. Then within 20 minutes he shouts at his sister “Shut your PIEHOLE.”

That, of course, did not crack me up, and he lost a day of tv. Where does he get this stuff??