I fired a guy for lying about having a criminal history….he said he didn’t have one, I got a 17 page list of the various crimes he’s committed;

I fired another guy for testing positive for cocaine and for lying about his criminal history….not quite 17 pages but some pretty nasty stuff;

I fired yet a third guy when the supervisor called and said someone walked into a patient’s room and saw this guy standing over a newborn baby’s crib saying “the baby looks lonely”;

I went and bought pepper spray during my lunch hour;

I found out that McCarthy Auto Collision is a pain in the ass;

I giggled when the kids were singing along to “Rockstar” in the car and Erin sang “when the girls come easy and the boys come cheap….” :)

I took my vaccum cleaner apart, cleaned it, and put it back together…..suction is a wonderful thing;

I saw a movie in the theatre. This is a big deal–it’s been I think two years since I’ve seen a movie in a theater. I’m going to do it more often :) I saw Juno–ridiculously laugh out loud funny, touching and with a quirky soundtrack. Definitely my kind of movie;

I had couch time with Adam and a tv night with all three kids last night….we had pizza and peanut butter chocolate sundaes while we curled up and watched tv together. Fun!

I’ve come to the realization that I am a voyeur. How else to explain what I’ve been watching on TV lately……Wife Swap, Celebrity Rehab, What Not to Wear. I’m totally into the reality stuff lately (maybe just because I’m going through Grey’s and Dirty Sexy Money withdrawls.

Happy Weekend!