What would I do if I only had 24 hours left?

24 hours.

I can't help but think there's a right answer here even though I know there 'shouldn't' be. I can't help but think of all the things I haven't yet done; the trips to exotic, romantic, exciting places like Paris and Rome and Tuscany and Switzerland. The flavors that haven't danced on my tongue, the music I haven't swayed to, the sunsets that will set without me.

I can't help but think that I'd wish for three 24 hours so that I had a 'full day' with each of the loves of my life. I want to take Adam someplace that will remind him how big the world is, and take Nicholas to see amazing pieces of art and Erin to a Broadway show and a famous cupcake shop. I want to stand before the mountains with them, wiggle my toes in the sand with them and make them sit through a sunset even if they fidget.

But what would I really do with 24 hours? I'd put Nicholas and Erin in a car and drive to Hays, where Adam and my dad are. I'd hug and listen and answer whatever questions my three babies had about me, life, how to separate laundry or cook their favorite meals.

I'd do my damnedest to make sure they knew how very much I love them, and why.

I'd tell my dad how much I respect him and thank him for being the best dad he knew how to be. I'd drink with him, savor a steak with him and watch the faces of the people I love at that dinner table.

I'd write letters to each, so that when enough time has passed and they forget my voice they still have my words, and can hold something in their hands that has my handwriting. I'd hold those pages close to my heart, and whisper messages of love and appreciation and acceptance.



how ironic, huh? (added after the buzzer rang, of course, but I couldn't help myself).

Inspired by Stream of Consciousness Sunday (#SOCSunday). The concept: set a timer, write for five minutes, publish. Brain dump style, no editing. Publish. Share. Link up at Jana's Thinking Place and check back there for next week's theme. This week's is 'How would you spend your last 24 hours if that’s all you had left?'