Why is it that people always assume stupid things even when they don’t know you very well? My annoying assumptions from the last few days:

(1) That just because you’re going through a transition (i.e. a divorce) your life is going to suck, and suck hard. HELLO PEOPLE……it would continue to suck if we DIDN’T change things. Life is what you make it–so is divorce. Stop telling me how awful my life will be.

(2) That just because you’re getting divorced you automatically look at all guys as new potential mates. What is wrong with people? Just because I’m breaking up with one man doesn’t mean I have to replace him automatically with someone else. Someday I might….then again, I may not. I like my space, and I think I want to keep it that way for awhile…..I’m ok with that.

(3) That I’m going to be sad and weepy forever. I’m tired of hearing the surprised “wow, you’re in a good mood today” if I smile or sound something other than morose. I’ve already grieved…..let me move on and don’t act like I’m some cold heartless creature for smiling.

(4) That my kids will need therapy, expensive toys and other “things” because of this change. If I teach them that this is horrible and that I have to overcompensate this is what they will expect. If I teach them that they now have two homes with the same parents that have always loved and cared for them, then they will adjust to that. I TRUST THEM TO ADJUST and I won’t automatically assume that their world will be awful. (that’s not to say I don’t worry–I’m just not pushing sadness on them, is all).

(5) That it will be hard for me to live “alone”. I’ve never had a problem living alone….and I’m living with three kids, which I hardly consider alone. I am perfectly capable of taking care of things on my own, thank you very much.

OK, ranting over :) Back to our regularly scheduled, ridiculously boring work day :)