*The kids playing hide & go seek with walkie talkies. Erin kept talking into the walkie talkie saying “Miss Erin here. I expect an answer–don’t make me wait”. Cracked me up.

*My first try at making risotto for dinner…..I cheated and used a “microwave risotto” recipe. It was pretty good for my first shot……the chicken spedini was really, really yummy. It’s amazing what garlic, onions and lemon juice will do.

*Adam saying “This is what they call ‘too much of a good thing Mom’….his way of saying there was too much cheese in the risotto :)

*Nicholas looking at the Valentine’s Day card I made for Erin to give to Miss Dora and saying “That’s a good start mommy, but don’t you think you could add a few details somewhere?”

*Made a big batch of homemade marinara……made the house smell beyond yummy

*Made a batch of chocolate chip cookies….. nuff said 😉

*House is cleaned, laundry is done. Only part left to clean is my desk (I’m avoiding) and the kids’ rooms (one, there’s no point because within 15 minutes they’re trashed again and two, I really need to get some furniture in there for them to actually store stuff in)

*Watching the Grammys. I’m not a huge Kanye West fan but I cried when he sang; loved Josh Groban; cracked me up that The Time performed; loved Amy Winehouse; still dont’ get the appeal of Tina Turner but Beyonce was amazing. I thought I heard Michael Jackson was doing some kind of Thriller performance, but I guess that was rumor.

*This week’s Scripture Challenge layout…..CHANGE. Good word for me. Still don’t have the binder done to put all these in, but I’ll get there.