So, so, so happy it’s Friday. It’s been a long week. A few updates:

1. Had a very interesting conversation with the Regional Ops Manager at work……there’s a general consensus that my boss is trying purposely to get my branch to close. The word sabotage has been used and I’ve been told that the account manager and I need to turn the branch around on our own, without her help and despite her efforts to sink us, or we’re going to be closed up. Gee, makes me really eager to work my ass off knowing that I’ll probably be out of a job soon.

2. Remember Amanda–my happy story? Yeah. She came in today to bring a friend to apply and she brought her 2 month old in. He’s beautiful. The account manager held him and sat with Amanda and afterwards asked me if I’ve drug screened her. She said the baby reeked of pot and so did Amanda. I’m disappointed–whether it’s right or wrong, I am. And the baby. Breaks my heart.

3. Erin still has some hives and we still don’t know why. I have held off on the steroids because it just can’t be a good thing to hype a 4 year old up with steroids unless it’s absolutely necessary. The benadryl has helped A LOT and she’s doing just fine.

4. I think I’m getting a cold. My head is congested and feels like it’s as big as a pizza, and I’ve been going to bed early but not sleeping well. I dont’ have time to get sick :(

5. Erin got into full day Kindergarten for next year. Yeah!

6. I am bound & determined to be productive this weekend, and to scrap something. :)