Disclosure: I was given a free Bouq in exchange for a review and social media promotion. All opinions are my own. If you click through a link on this post or on other The Bouq links on this site and place an order, I make a commission as an Ambassador. Using these affiliate links do not affect the price you pay, and while the commission won’t make me rich it might buy me a few more flowers (and who couldn’t use more of those)?

Flowers are mini miracles.

So says Eric Buterbaugh, Floral Designer and Flower Guru at The Bouqs. And I think he’s right.

I get a fair number of emails asking if I’ll talk about a product here at BacktoAllen. I very rarely say yes; one, because this is my place for words and I’ve never wanted blogging-for-profit to detract from that. Two, because it just didn’t feel right to me (that must be my innate aversion to anything self-promotional or sales-ish). For those reasons, I almost didn’t say yes when I got an email from The Bouqs asking if I’d be interested in applying for the Ambassador Program.

Then I started thinking about just how happy I am when I have flowers on my desk, or on the dining room table. And I thought about how, as a single mom on a tight budget, I very rarely factor fresh flowers into my budget just because I love them. Sure, I pick up a five dollar bouquet sometimes when I shop at Trader Joe’s, but let’s just say that flower deliveries to my door are few and far between.

My Rise 'N Shine Bouq.

My Rise ‘N Shine Bouq

So, I said yes, and I filled out the application. When I was approved, I was sent a code that allowed me to order a bouquet of my choice for free. The FedEx man rang my doorbell Tuesday morning—the day I’d selected for delivery—and had me sign for the delivery. The packaging is sleek and understated, and I really appreciate the care and the forethought that went into the delivery. My roses were bundled separately from the calla lilies, and there was very little waste.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I’ll admit that I was worried when I unpacked the flowers. They were a little bit limp, and I was worried that the calla lilies hadn’t survived the trip. I trimmed a bit off the the bottom of the stems, added the included flower-food packet to a vase of cold water and walked away for a bit. It only took a couple of hours for the roses and the calla lilies to go from looking a tired (I would too, if I’d flown all the way from a volcano in South America to Kansas in June) to darn near perfect. I’m writing this on Friday, and they look even better today (I’ve changed the water once).

I did a little research before I said yes to The Bouqs. You know what I like even more than the fact they’ve been on Shark Tank? That they seem to have a sense of humor and a goal so clear they invented a word (bouqs). Well, that and the fact that shipping is free, there’s a cool concierge program and a referral opportunity for me (and you) to get free flowers. Pretty rad.

I gave my word to The Bouqs that I’d write an honest opinion of their product and service in exchange for a free bouq, and that opinion is that I’m glad The Bouqs makes ordering such gorgeous blooms so easy, and I appreciate that The Bouqs practices sustainable, eco-friendly farming, and that they cut only what they sell, which means less waste.  Bottom line is that even if I wasn’t an Ambassador, I’d order from The Bouqs for birthdays, get well wishes and just because we all need a few more mini miracles in our lives.

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