Someday I'm going to….

That's one of those words that I have a beef with. Someday.

You know the words I'm talking about; the ones that push off what we want now to some magical, undefined time in the future when we'll be more or less something…richer, older, thinner, happier, less busy, more energetic…whatever. The words that seem whimsical enough to be hopeful but in reality are anything but.

Invoking someday is like one of those highway-robbery-sky-high-interest-credit-cards in reverse; just wait a little longer and do your time now and then–someday–the stars will align and the time will be right to fulfill dreams, travel, bestow amazing gifts on those we love, watch the sunrise and the sunset, chase the rainbow and live happily ever after.

I have the list, of course; it includes everything from spending a month in Italy to road-tripping through a summer to publishing an honest-to-goodness book to having a gorgeous, functional kitchen to holding my grandbabies to traipsing into the ocean with Erin and watching her collect seashells.  And writing a paragraph that is more than just one compound sentence. But I digress.

Those things might hop from the 'I want to' list to the 'I did that' list.


When someday becomes this day or that day or any day but someday.

Linking up with Mama Kat's Writing Prompt: "Someday I'm going to _________________. (Inspired by Marcy Writes)."