I think it's about time for something a bit lighter, don't you? We've had an awful lot of life around here lately, and I think we're all a bit weary from it; at least, that's what I'm chalking today up to. We (the kiddos and I) have been testy, grumpy, annoyed and downright surly for most of the day. So much so, actually, that I'm wishing for Monday and that, my friends, never happens.

So we decided to get back to what really matters to us–just the four of us–and we made cupcakes. Well, I made cupcakes. Erin helped by licking the mixing paddle and Nicholas and Adam pretended to care, so I'm calling it good. What they were really happy about was french toast for dinner. This turn of events isn't all bad, because it gave me time to think just a bit while I was baking. I was pondering why we are all feeling out of sorts, and I think it's something really simple: we're missing our routine. 

As much as I crave spontaneity, I think the kids thrive on knowing what to expect. Our lack of routine lately leaves them a bit hyped up and not quite themselves, and I really can't blame them for not knowing just how to deal with it. It's not that life is terrible, because it's not; it's just been busy and I've let those little things that cement us to our 'ordinary every day' slip. The 'little things', like sitting at the table for dinner, and chatting during bath time, and baking cupcakes on Sundays, seem to be the first to slip when the busy-ness of life takes over. I have no one and nothing in particular to blame, and blame isn't even important. Getting back to 'normal' is.

I think quite a bit about the blessing of ordinary days. My days now are filled with kids who always seem to need something, checking accounts that never seem to stretch far enough and sleep that eludes more often than it embraces, yet none of it is unusual. I miss the excitement sometimes of days gone by, but then realize that when I was actually living those days they seemed 'normal' and–dare I say it–even boring, too. I think of my days before kids, living in the city, soaking up all sorts of new experiences and challenges and how that lifetime was different than this one. I didn't appreciate that when I had it. I'd hate to make that mistake again.

So today I'm happy with cupcakes. Erin chose a happy flavor: strawberry lemonade. I found a yummy recipe on a blog that I found through Pinterest called Annie's Eats, and instantly felt lighter just looking at the pretty pink frosting (though if you look at how much butter and cream cheese is in the frosting, you'll realize that using the word 'light' in conjunction with them isn't at all accurate). So even though my waistline will protest, I'll sit with the kids at the table and enjoy a few mouthfuls of sweet, sinful goodness because I can, because it brings us together, and because they're worth it.