I've long wanted to create a 'bucket list' of sorts, but I have to admit that doing so seems eerily final; there's that superstitious streak in me that wonders if, as I draw a line through that last entry, I'll feel exhilarated at the accomplishments or sad at the finality of no longer having a 'list'. 

But creating a summer list seems more optimistic than final to me. I'm guilty of being kind of a crappy mom when it comes to planning great things to do during summer break. It's not for lack of intention; I think about and plan fun things to do, but when the time comes I'm usually caught up with work or deadlines or an empty bank account.

Since this is that last summer before things change, I want to make it different. Memorable. Creatively unique but still 'us'. My friend Kristen did an amazing summer list on her blog Dine & Dish, and I have to admit that I've borrowed quite a few of her activities because they just look like so much fun!

So I'm posting my impossibly long list here, hoping that if I put it in writing, for others to see, that I'll actually follow through with at least a few of them. 

Complete the Color Run

Take the kids out of town once (St. Louis maybe?)

Learn how to can 

Learn how to sew 

Make aprons for Erin and I 

Do something with a barn window (like this or this or this)

Go to a wine tasting

Cook my way through this book

Go to First Friday downtown and Third Thursday in OP

Perfect the crepe

Makes lots of homemade ice cream

Go to the Drive In

Read at least 6 books

Make Sharpie tshirts

Go stargazing with the kids

Pool party at local hotel

Outdoor movie night

Picnic lunches

Berry/fruit picking

Create a Fairy Garden

Grill pizza & dessert

Dance under the stars

Happy Days & Laverne & Shirley marathons with the kids

Teach Adam how to drive

Reading contest

Yoga with Erin

Complete ribbon wreath for front door (actually done!)

Watch 4th of July Fireworks

Take kids to ceramic place to make new mugs

Clean out basement

Transform downstairs bathroom into ‘art gallery’

Eat dinner often on the deck

Make a summer fun cookbook

There's more, of course, but that's quite a start (I think). Here's to a memorable and fun summer :)