So, I'm a slacker. Day 8 of 30 Days About Me and I think this is only my 4th post. I've never been much of a 50% girl, but life takes precedence, right? So, today I'm climbing back on the wagon with today's prompt: Something I Hate.

True confession: I try to not use the word hate very often. Especially around my kids. We usually have the discussion that hate is a very, very strong word that should be reserved for extreme situations. The word stupid also falls into that category. Still, like (most) parents I know, I find myself saying things that I tell my kids not to.

There's the easy list of 'things' that I hate…smoking, olives, eggplant, record-hot-temperatures, that my house gets messier far often than it's pristine and when people read over my shoulder. Snakes. Mice. Taking out the trash. Running out of coffee or cream.

Then there's the important list; the philosophical/ethical issues that make me cringe. Things like parentless children, people who think they know it all, people who judge based on someone's skin color and unrealized potential. Excuses, wallowing in self-pity and blaming others for ones' choices. Perhaps hate isn't the right word for that, but I dislike those harsh realities of life.