OK, so I know that the entire point of a blog is to put your thoughts out there for public consumption. That sounds a little bit conceited to me sometimes, that I think that people will actually care about my perspective on things to actually come and read what I write. When I first started blogging, it was intended to showcase the kids for out of town family members. Now that the family situation has changed, I don’t necessarily want my (sometime-in-the-future ex) in-laws reading whatever I write, especially because they’ve jumped on me in the past if I wasn’t “nice” enough to them on my blog.

Then there’s the whole work thing. It’s no secret to my friends that I don’t particularly like my job. I am grateful for it, I do my best to try to do a good job, and I work hard while I’m there, but the commute is long and it’s not my dream job. Recently while checking my traffic stats I noticed my work IP address showing up when I wasn’t at work/on my blog. Does that mean that someone at my job is reading my blog? I don’t know–and it wouldn’t be the end of the world if they were. But it makes me a little nervous, thinking office mates are reading about my divorce, or my kids or anything like that.

So I’m trying to decide…..keep the blog as invite-only? Start a new one with a different name and never log on from work?
Tell me what you think (and if you think I’m just paranoid and crazy, tell me that too 😉