I was cruising Big Picture Scrapbooking and daydreaming about the classes I’d take if I had the time and resources, and I stumbled upon this, kind of a bio about one of the instructors. Thought it’d be fun to do as a blog post. So I challenge anyone reading this who blogs, but particularly my scrappy friends Kelly, Shawn, Kerry, KM and Maricar to post their own top 10 lists. (Stop cursing at me, Kelly, this is fun, dammit!!) :)
TEN “essentials” that I cannot scrapbook without:
1. Paper piercer

2. Sandpaper

3. Patterned paper

4. Trimmer

5. Paint

6. Ink

7. Pen

8. Ruler

9. chipboard

10. Diet Dr. Pepper

NINE words/phrases I love are:
Mom, holy guacamole, weekend, roadtrip, wowzers, serously?, love you, stinkerbelle, use your brain
EIGHT favorite books:
1. Eat Pray Love

2. Smart Women Finish Rich

3. Gilgemesh

4. Memoirs of a Geisha

5. I Know This Much Is True

6. My Sister’s Keeper

7. A Million Little Pieces

8. She’s Come Undone
SEVEN things I love about my “every day” life …
Monday: new week, new opportunities

Tuesday: no evening activities……less rushing

Wednesday: my free night (for the time being)

Thursday: GREYS :)

Friday: dinner on the couch while we giggle and watch What Not to Wear

Saturday: Church

Sunday: pajama day
SIX places I’d love to visit before I die:



New Zealand


Washington DC
FIVE things I do everyday, without fail:
Brush my teeth (at least twice)

Forget something

Tell my kids I love them


Remind myself to be patient

FOUR stores/websites I frequent
WalMart/Target (not really by choice, but by necessity)


Scrappy Chicks

Various blogs
THREE photos I love:

TWO decisions I’ve never regretted:
I’ll have to get back to you on this one
ONE additional and very important thing you should know about me is:
I desperately want to be one of those organized Martha-Stewart types, but I fail miserably :)