Let me just start off my saying that I overslept every day this week. Every. flipping. day. And not just overslept a little, but REALLY overslept. Not good.

Erin did get to go see Mrs. Bush. I haven’t seen any pictures yet; I can barely get Dora to say that they went much less give me a recap or a picture. I’m hoping that they will be slipped in with the random pictures that she sends home sometimes.

Erin did say that she got to meet her and that Mrs. Bush was wearing “a pretty pink jacket”; Erin was wearing a pink shirt and Mrs. Bush told her she was wearing the “right color”. Erin was still grinning when she got home that night!

We had kindergarten preview night for Erin last night. It was adorable. At first she kept saying she didn’t want to go because she thinks she needs shots. And of course she does; but last night she got to go to the art room and the music room and she thought it was so neat. I can’t believe my baby is starting school.

Speaking of which, Adam went to PRT today to preview junior high. I cannot believe that Adam will be in junior high. He’s getting so big. I need to figure out what to do; I started talking to the principal about having him transferred (we are supposed to go to the crappy Title X schools in Olathe because we live in the crappy Title X area of Olathe….I obtained transfers for Adam & Nicholas to go to Ravenwood, and will have to obtain the same type of transfer for Adam to go to PRT) and they told me that because PRT is a crowded school they probably won’t accept any transfers unless there is already a sibling there.

Adam is so excited about this school. All of his friends will be going to this school. Apparently there’s been conversation about SFT (the one we’re supposed to be in) within Adam’s class and he’s told me that it’s a lousy school and that the kids get in trouble a lot. I’m sure there’s that at PRT, too, but PRT is a better school.

My biggest concern, though, is that he finally came out of his shell and made friends. I don’t want to yank him away from these friends right when he’s becoming a teenager and dealing with enough other problems much less going to a “lousy” school where he doesn’t know anyone, where he can’t continue with the programs and teachers’ he’s grown to love (Orchestra & Quest).

So that leaves me to figure out, if they deny his transfer, how I will move us into the geographic boundary of PRT. Because let me tell you, it’s not fair for my kid to suffer because his mom doesn’t make enough money.

In better news, I got my car back :) It looks wonky because apparently the yahoo who did the hack job on it welded parts together that don’t belong together, and made parts of it impossible to repair. BUT the frame is pulled back into place, the tranny pan and oil pans are replaced and it shouldn’t be ripping through any tires soon. It’s not the most perfect car in the world, but I am grateful. Grateful my dad helped me get it, grateful I don’t have to rely on anyone to get around and grateful that it will hopefully last until I can pay it off :)

I’m incredibly happy that it’s Friday and that work is done for the week. Now to tackle that to-do list I made earlier…..