I used to say those words constantly as a debater in high school and college….I’d deliver the first affirmative speech and always repeated the current year’s resolution as the beginning. I’ve lost it, though; the tenacity of willpower to keep plugging away at the resolutions even when life in all of its glorious forms gets in the way.

This is by no means an ‘oh poor me there’s so much to do….wah wah wah’ post. I’m tired of that crap (eloquent, eh?). This, my friends, is a public plea for some–or all–of you to hold me accountbable to those grand resolutions I made for myself on January 1. You know, the ones that once I closed the notebook I promptly ‘forgot’ about as I went along my merry way. Yeah, those. Like taxes or ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ conversations, they never really go away until they’re tackled head-first.

And, since I’m a realist, I won’t give you the ENTIRE page of resolutions, lest you’d all like to come visit me in the loony bin on March 31. I’m picking the following to concentrate on this month:

(1) Read 2 books. On my bedside table and ready to go: Under the Tuscan Sun (for pleasure) and The Portable Coach for business.
(2) 1 date with each of the kiddos. Even something simple like an ice cream cone.
(3) Write for 20 minutes every day. Blogging counts :) Working on my projects at work counts. Journalling counts. sounds easy so why don’t I do it?

So…..anyone up to calling me out if I slack off? I’ll return the favor. Just say the word.