The warm & fuzzies of the last post have faded into the crappy reality of this week. A few quick points of advice for employees/job seekers/job avoiders:

* It’s a really hard and stupid thing to fake your time when you work on the corner between your assignment and the agency that assigned you there.
* If you try to pad the time card, acting stupid and calling the poor sap stuck in the middle (that would be me) a liar and cheat isn’t going to help your case.
* Using a fake social security number to get past the pre-screening process isn’t going to help when you bring back your application with your REAL social security number
* Years of “doing nothing and collecting unemployment” does not constitute job history
* Don’t say you’re going to work and then not show up. What the hell is the point of that?

Bleck. No wonder I overslept every day last week. Who wants to wake up every morning and go to deal with all of that?? Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful to have a job. But I am tired of people acting like I owe them something because they walked through the door, of people who shake my hand and look me in the hand and lie through their teeth, of people who generally do nothing but waste other people’s time. Tired.