Has it really been a month since I posted? Wow. I have no excuses other than being busy…but then again, that’s nothing new. Seems, though, that time flies so quickly these days that I just can’t keep up. So what’s been happening this past month……

Work has been very, very busy. Had a trip to Wichita where I actually did some training presentations. Researching and preparing for that kept me fairly busy. My ‘activity goals’ (aka quotas) are keeping me very busy although I’m not meeting them. There is some drama going on in the office that, while it doesn’t affect me directly, has taken a big chunk out of my prime work time. And, believe it or not, I finally posted my first sales and have a rate/service plan out for my first ‘corporate’ booking–for a group of interns coming to town in May. Keep your fingers crossed for me–I sure could use the numbers.

Kids are keeping me busy. Between religion class, parent teacher conferences, boy scouts, girl scouts and just the normal-every-day-stuff, the weeks fly by.

I’ve started working out–trying hard to lose this extra person I’ve accumulated over the years. I had thought we’d join a gym close to home but that plan is on hold for now, so I’ll need to go it on my own for awhile. My biggest problem: drinking water. I’m a caffeine junkie and can go DAYS without sipping any water at all. It’s a terrible habit I need to break.

Enough of what I’ve been busy with. Today was a gorgeous day and these are my favorite signs of spring: