TMP-MHS Class of ’88. I was never particularly proud to be in this graduating class……we were the rowdy bunch, the party class. I never really felt like I fit in very well since I was more interested in debate and journalism than keg parties and boyfriends. Most of my friends (with the exception of just a few) were in classes either right ahead or right behind mine, and I was ok with that.

What an idiot I was then. This past weekend I went home for my 20 year class reunion. I hemmed & hawed about it for months, saying I didn’t want to go back fat & divorced for fear that everyone would judge me, that the “popular kids” wouldn’t like me, that I would feel as out of place now as I did back then. Funny thing happened on the way to the reunion, though.

We all grew up a little bit, this Class of ’88. Not so much so that we forgot how to have a good time, but enough to know that everyone is interesting and fabulous in their own way and that no one’s way is better than anyone else’s. Enough to know that catching up is just that–touching base, remembering good times and wishing everyone well until we see each other again. Enough to know that no matter how out of place any of us may have felt back then, we are all a part of each other’s history in one way or another.

I came home exhausted but so happy that I went, thrilled to have talked to people that I never got the opportunity to know in high school, and feeling a bit more a part of the group than I ever have before. Some pretty remarkable people in this rowdy party class! I’m already looking forward to our 25th to see what else we’ve accomplished.