The strangest things run through my mind when I'm exercising. Maybe it's simply my way of distracting myself from my own discomfort, or maybe it's those natural endorphins that are starting to flow; whatever it is, my thoughts tend to move from what's most pressing to something more creative.  Yesterday, they went to a favorite movie: Forrest Gump.

As I wogged I thought of the famous like 'run, Forrest, run!' and couldn't help but smile. I thought of the determined and proud tinge in his voice when he said "Now you wouldn't believe me if I told you, but I could run like the wind blows. From that day on, if I was going somewhere, I was running!" And I thought that I hope my kids grow up to be like Forrest. 

I know that sounds bizarre; Forrest was simple in so many ways. He wasn't intelligent, he wasn't savvy and he wasn't creative. But what he lacked in those areas he made up for in tenacity and the ability to achieve (yes, I know he's fictional. Bear with me for a second). 

I hope that when someone gives my three clear direction about their own unique talent, like when Jenny told Forrest to run, they embrace it. I hope that they are blessed with people who not only love them, but speak to them in ways they understand. I hope that they know what love means, and that the object of their affection returns their love in ways big and small. 

I admire Forrest, because when Jenny told him to run he didn't say 'it hurts' or 'I'm tired' or 'I think I'm better than that.' He ran with all he had.

I admire that he accepted Jenny's marriage proposal when it would have been understandable to say 'but you said no before,' or 'you've already hurt me or 'why should I trust you'. He followed his heart. He was true to himself. He didn't care what others thought. 

I admire how he doted on those he loved; his momma, Jenny, his son. I admire the attention he lavished on them without a tinge of embarrassment.  In those ways, I hope that my kids are like him. And if they could invest in a fruit company, I'd be ok with that, too.