Why do I want to go to BlogHer13? Oh, so many reasons.

1. Connections matter. There will be so many amazing people at BlogHer; some I’ve met, some I just admire from afar. There is something so magical that happens when I’m sharing space with people who understand why I blog, and BlogHer is the mother ship of connection.

2. I need to be schooled. I’m talking books and publishing here, because let’s face it: blogging is wonderful, but my end game is books, both writing them for other people and for me. I feel fairly confident with the writing. Not so much what happens after the draft is done, though. There are tracks at BlogHer dedicated to going from blog to book. I want to be there to learn everything they’re willing to teach.

3. It’s in Chicago, my home away from home. I lived there for double digit years and I miss it. I miss the energy of the city, the feel of walking down Michigan Avenue and the ability to sit in a theater and be wowed. I want to go see Book of Mormon, grab a new flavor of tea at Argo and find a new-to-me-restaurant to add to my list of been-there places.

4. Intention matters, but so does action. Here, in my every day, I get lost in deadlines. Schedules. Plans. Sometimes those plans never translate to anything other than just plans, though. With a couple of days away without kids to care for or clients to accommodate, I can work solely on my own business. My business not only needs that time; my business deserves that time.

5. Keynotes. I’m a sucker for a good presentation, and this lineup is pretty much gold. Ree Drummond, Guy Kawasaki, Sheryl Sandberg, Gale Anne Hurd, Majora Carter, Lisa Donova, Brit Morin, and Randi Zuckerberg. I’m awed just reading their names; I can’t imagine how much richer my life will be having shared a room and learned from their stories.

I wrote this because The Mission List is giving away a BlogHer13 Conference Package, and I’d love to win. Whoever wins, however, I’m thankful that there are organizations out there that believe in women, in bloggers and in the power of story. Together we can do wonderful things.


I encourage you to learn more about The Mission List and to sign up. They’re good people, and we could all use a few more of those in our corner, don’t you think?