Winter…yes, it's November but I'm still in denial (aren't I every year? how very original).

It's not uncommon for me to start any season with big plans and lofty goals. So many fun things to do, but as slow as the minutes seem to move sometimes the days seem to fly by. Which is why I loved this little nudge, in the form of a Mama's Losin' It prompt, to whip up a winter bucket list. My summer list kept us on track, and even though we didn't cross everything off we made some substantial dents in the list.

So here are a few initial thoughts of what I'm hoping to accomplish/experience this winter. Keep me accountable, will you?

Master the macaroon. I fell in love with these tasty little morsels on my weekend trip to Chicago, and want to make them at home. Yum.

Try new veggies. We get stuck in a rut, and before we know it we've had corn with dinner three nights running. But thanks to this cookbook, which I love, I'm hoping to expand my repertoire of veggie dishes that are surprisingly good. This past weekend I made the Butternut Squash and Caramelized Onion Galette and it was tasty. So watch out parsnips, turnips, kale, baby bok choi and whatever else looks good on my trips to Trader Joe's.

Blend. On the subject of veggies, I'm anxiously awaiting the delivery of my early Christmas-present-to-myself and cannot wait until I unbox my new Blendtec blender. To justify spending that much money on a kitchen appliance, I'm going to have to use it pretty much every day. So I'm on the hunt for new smoothie recipes. Suggestions are welcome!

Revise and resubmit. Over the summer I responded to a book agent on twitter and pitched her my "Thank You to the Men Who Did(n't) Do Me Wrong" book. She liked it, but…..I have lots of work to do on the pitch/proposal, and I need to tighten it up and revise a thing or two. I haven't done that. I want to.

Advent. Calendars with goodies aside, I'd really like to honor the Advent season this year. I'm not entirely sure how to do that other than the traditional candles and prayers but hopefully I'll come up with a way.

Thankful. This past weekend the kids spent part of Saturday cutting out leaf templates. I owe them a 'thankful' garland for the mantle, so we can write what we're thankful for each day on the leaves and pin those to the garland.

Yoga. I miss yoga.

Sunday dinners. Kiddos aren't always with me every Sunday, but when they are I want to make a big stinkin' deal out of Sunday dinner. Set the fancy dishes, make time stop and linger at the table. With kids. And perhaps wine.

Snowball fights. Many.

Read Christmas books with the kids each night.

Read this and this and this and this.

See Les Miserables on opening day.

Get my craft on with a December  Daily album. 

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