Blah, Blah and More Blah

This should be a piece of cake, the putting words to a page every day for an entire month thing. I already do it every day, all day, anyway. They are words I don’t get to keep or even claim as my own, but my butt is in the chair, churning out one after another, […]

Doing What I Can

I got stickers today. I got one at the polls, where I cast my vote for those I want to hold public office, even though I wonder if that vote really matters. Yes, I understand that every vote matters. In theory. I still question whether or not my vote matters in reality. I’ve voted every […]

Someplace Else

Most days are good days. I find my zone fairly early, and I write while the kids are at school so that I can pay the rent and buy the groceries and shop for the non-sparkly shoes. I am happy to see them walk through the door at half past three, listen to Erin tell […]

No Sparkly Shoes for You

I spent hours today trying to find black pants for Erin. Hours, because they couldn’t be black jeans, black leggings or black khakis. They had to be black “dress” pants that “cover the ankles.” Then we had to find a plain black headband, and plain black, closed toed shoes. No sparkles or buckles or straps. […]


Once upon a time, when I was thin and single and living the life in my huge, gorgeously hard wood floored courtyard apartment on the north side of Chicago, I kept the same bag of peanut M&Ms in my freezer for almost two years. Having it there gave me permission to eat them whenever I […]


Whiplash. That’s the best word to describe how I feel today. At this time last week, I was sitting in Zilker Park, listening to Belle and Sebastian sing along with the Barton Hills Elementary Choir. Actually, I was half listening to the show, half lying back in my chair, watching the lights dance in the […]

Hello, Austin. You’re Beautiful.

I am surrounded by beautiful people. Some men, some women, some who seem to ride the wave between the two in terms of style and identity. They sport dreads and shaved heads; nose rings and ear gages; trendy clothes and stuff my grandma likely wore when it was new and fresh, if there’s really any […]

What I Read: My Other Ex

This post contains affiliate links. Please see my Disclosure page for more details. I am a new fan of anthologies. I’ve not read many in the past, but since I’ll soon be published in one and since I know so many people who have published an anthology or have been published in an anthology, they’ve started to take up […]

Happy Birthday, Dragon Boy

I’m a dragon, mom. And you’re a dog. That means we’ll fight a lot. He was about eight or so. Young enough that he wasn’t so damn obstinate when someone suggested going to a Chinese restaurant (or any restaurant with anything other than burgers, chicken strips or fettuccine Alfredo on the menu). Young enough that […]

Ready, Steady

When it comes to the firsts, I’ve never been the best mom. First words escape me.  I know it was ma-ma or da-da, or some other monosyllabic chant that we celebrated as intentional. But the details? Buried somewhere in memory, along with countless other things I failed to note in the almost-empty baby books on […]

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