I suck. No skirting around the issue–I’ve neglected my hobbies, my crafts, my reading, my blog….all of these ‘extra curricular’ things that don’t seem to fit nicely into my life right now.

Problem is, I’m tired of things not fitting. I’m not complaining, mind you…. I’m just sayin’. I think that there should be more to life than work and child-rearing. Yes, I get a few precious moments to myself here and there. Even those moments, though, are filled with things I have to do….and to add insult to injury, I still don’t get it all done. Not even close.

So today, we threw the ‘should do’s’ out the window. We went to lunch, then to the zoo. When we came home, we had left-overs and pb&j for dinner. Adam asked for “much needed” couch time and he got that. I didn’t fit in any hobbies, crafts or reading but at least I’m making a half-assed attempt at blogging.

These last few weeks I keep thinking of a post my friend Kelly made earlier this year about Recalculating. I’ve been thrown a few loops lately and can’t help but wish that I had a calm, steady voice reminding me to recalculate. Because, when I tell myself to recalculate I don’t sound calm. I sound like a harpie, a nag, a disappointed mother. I’m wondering if hearing it from a cool, calm, collected and distant voice would be more helpful.

Since that’s a completely rhetorical question, I think I’ll just continue to copy my brilliant friend and lift her blogus-operandi:

The 5
(things that suck)
1. Allergies. They are kicking my ass this year.
2. Biopsies. Waiting for biopsy results sucks even more.
3. 5 day work weeks. I’m convinced that if I had just one day a week w/o kids or work, I could get it all done.
4. Telemarketing. Yes, I’m that annoying person calling your office to sell something. No, I don’t do it because I love it, I do it to feed my children and make sure they don’t end up living in a box behind WalMart. Please save your disdain for after I hang up the phone.
5. Those last 50 pounds that just won’t budge :)

(things that rock)
1. Erin telling me “you are the bomb diggity of love, mom” as she scarfed down pizza and cinnamon rolls at lunch.
2. Trips to the zoo. Not that the zoo is great–because I was spoiled by Brookfield–but the kids have so much fun, we walk and talk, and we enjoy the day.
3. Red wine.
4. SNL last week and hopefully this week.
5. Magazines…got my issue of Martha Stewart Everyday Food today and I want to make darn near every thing in there.