Mother's Day… know how some people dread Valentine's Day? That's how I feel about Mother's Day. The concept is great, of course, and I'll admit that since I've become a mom I've enjoyed it so much more. How else would I have beefed up my collection of magic marker cards and gold-painted-macaroni jewelry? Priceless, I tell you.

Thing is, though, when you are a motherless child the holiday rings hollow. This isn't a poor me reflection, and of course I have a mother, at least by strict definition. Suffice it to say that the old adage 'you can't pick your family' really is true, and my mother is not a part of my life. This is my choice, one I stand by even more staunchly now that I'm a mom and responsible for the emotional health of little people.

So instead, this weekend I will celebrate the fact that the universe truly does bring us each what we need. What I didn't have in a 'mother' I more than got in my dad. And now, since I learned he reads my blog (Hello, Futz) and I can't see him this weekend, I'll just say it here: you have been an incredible mom, dad, cheerleader, supporter, gut-check, and every other role a daughter needs. Thank you for stepping up, for bringing me a hot, homemade breakfast every single morning when you picked me up and took me to school. Thank you for fighting for us and not letting us follow the path more frequently traveled. Thank you for sacrificing parts of your life to work umpteen jobs to provide for us. Thank you for marrying Karen and showing me a true example of what marriage and motherhood should be like. Thank you for loving my kids, loving me enough to say things I didn't want to hear, being my sounding board even when I don't make sense and welcoming us with open arms when we come visit.

I really did hit the jackpot with you, and even though I think we all forget to say it as often as we should, I am grateful for you. Happy "Mother's" Day :)