7 best ideas for a children’s playroom in a room of any size

With all the technology and gadgets available to entertain children, it’s no wonder that many parents are opting to forgo a dedicated playroom and create play areas throughout their homes. If you’re one of these parents, or are looking to create a playroom for your child, here are a few tips on how to get started.

Once you’ve decided on the layout, you’ll need to decide what type of furniture and accessories you want in the room. When choosing furniture, keep in mind that it should be sturdy and safe for children. You may want to consider investing in a few pieces of furniture that can be used for multiple purposes, such as a play table that can also be used as a desk, or a storage bench that can also serve as a seat.

1 Allocate a suitable nook in the room

Child psychologists say that it is important for a young child to provide several options for play: active activities, a table for drawing or crafts, and a secluded corner where he can hide and be alone with himself. If you remember yourself, you’ll realize that you wanted the same thing – it was not for nothing that you built “houses” from blankets and hid under tables. 

Today, our children have much more opportunities, and even to make a house for himself does not have to, because there are modern tepees, which are quite suitable for privacy. Also, such devices are foldable and do not take up much space – it will be possible to put and other toys, and a desk if necessary. 

2 Make use of any free space 

In small apartments, square footage should be used sparingly. Why not make space in the window area for games and activities? Like we did in this apartment. The radiator is covered with a “screen” – a wooden fence, which gives aesthetics, but at the same time does not steal heat from the room. And the remaining area is quite enough to lay out toys, and then put them in bags.


3 Find a place not only in the nursery

Probably most people are familiar with this children’s kitchen from IKEA. Quite a big thing, but what a convenient – you can occupy a child and teach him the basic skills at the same time. Usually such kitchens are placed in children’s rooms. But if this option is not for you, maybe there is room in the regular kitchen? Of course, at a safe distance from the stove. But mom or dad can prepare food without distracting the baby or running to his room to check if everything is okay. 

4 Use an insulated balcony

Balcony or loggia with insulation is often used to expand the usable space of the apartment. Arrange a playroom for a child there – why not? On a few squares will fit and a table for activities, and storage systems for toys, and the same “role” activities for the future, like this kitchen.

5 Take advantage of floor mattresses

To let your child “blow off steam” without worrying about the safety of their arms, legs and head, parents have several options. The first – lay the floor with a soft carpet, to allocate a separate zone in the nursery. Or the second – use temporary measures that will be easy to remove afterwards. If you live in a small apartment, then the second option is yours. Floor mattresses will just become the very “straw”, which can be put on the floor anywhere, let the child to show activity, and then put away in the closet.

6 Or use a modular sofa

If you have a modular sofa installed, it’s even easier. Just take it apart into modules, and let the kids go at it. 

7 Go…up

And the last idea on our list is for older kids. Make a sleeping space on the second “floor”, and use the free space as a playroom. 

How do kids keep playroom tidy?

It can be a challenge to keep a playroom tidy, but with a little bit of effort, it can be done. Here are a few tips on how to keep your kids’ playroom tidy:

  • Have a designated spot for everything. This includes storing toys away in bins or baskets, putting clothes in a hamper, and placing books on a shelf.
  • Encourage your kids to put away their toys when they’re finished playing with them. This will help to keep the playroom tidy and organized.
  • Regularly clean the playroom. This will help to keep it looking neat and tidy.
  • Rotate the toys that your kids play with. This will help to keep them interested in playing with different toys and will help to keep the playroom tidy.
  • Make it a rule that only one person can play in the playroom at a time. This will help to keep the playroom from becoming too cluttered.
  • Have a storage area for extra toys. This will help to keep the playroom from becoming too cluttered.
  • Teach your kids about the importance of keeping their playroom tidy. This will help them to be more responsible and will help to keep the playroom tidy.