Accessories for the children’s room: useful, developing, convenient

Children’s room in a city apartment or private home – a separate area where a growing kid learns his world, forms the world view, plays, and later does homework and meets with friends. In order for this room to best fit its purpose it is necessary to saturate it with furniture and add various decorative and functional accessories to expand its use and give it the most aesthetic appearance.

If furniture can be bought to grow or to use furniture products-transformers, accessories require more frequent updating, which allows more optimal organization of processes of home learning, rest and receiving guests.

Features of furnishing and decorating the nursery

When forming the interior design of the room designed for living and recreation of children, usually guided by the following principles:

  • zoning the room at least into a play zone and a zone of sleep and rest;
  • restrained, non-exciting basic color solution of the ceiling and wall panels;
  • bright accents of placed decorative accessories;
  • the presence of functional accessories and additions that allow you to expand the scope of the objects of furniture;
  • a harmonious combination of halftone or contrasting the main color scheme with functional accents and zones.

When creating the interior design of a children’s room as additional items, decorations and devices are most often used:

  • LED nightlights, allowing the child to navigate the space of the nursery at night;
  • luminous, luminescent or fluorescent stickers, pointers and stickers;
  • stuffed pillow toys;
  • Cartoon prints or wall stickers;
  • a variety of additional items and gadgets that expand the functionality of the nursery and its furniture saturation.
children's room

Some specifics of choice

Nowadays, the market of goods for children is crowded and parents often have difficulties when choosing a particular item or accessory. Most parents give preference to a particular item on two grounds – its aesthetics and practicality of use.

At the same time, price and functional indicators often fall by the wayside. Of course, age and gender factors are taken into account in the first place. We should not forget about the dual function of any accessory – in addition to its direct purpose, it should also have a developmental impact on the growing child.

Another problem with saturating a child’s room with various additions is the high probability of cluttering the free space with various items that seem to be needed at first glance, but in reality are used quite rarely.

When buying simple toys you should remember about the limited duration of their use. After some time, as the child gets older, he loses interest in them. However, do not be in a hurry to throw out bored toys. Often removing them for a while out of sight of the baby can re-awaken interest in them. If they have not lost their appearance, you can always give them to friends who are growing up with a child of a younger age or give in one of the social organizations that collect discarded baby things to send them to low-income families or orphanages.

Before buying any accessories for children, you should take care about the place of their storage. If the children’s furniture does not have a built-in drawer or compartment for this purpose, the best option would be to purchase a separate cabinet, a special container or basket. The presence of these furniture products will initially help to accustom the child to independently maintain order in their own territory.

Buying toys, books, pencils and other items for learning should not forget about equipping the nursery with sports accessories that will contribute to a more harmonious development of the baby. Initially it can be a rope, a rope ladder or a climbing wall. Later they can be complemented by other sports equipment or buy a complex. In addition, many are now, usually double-decker, cribs have in their design horizontal bar or Swedish wall – ladder.

Once the baby will be able to sit up independently, he should buy a table for playing or doing creative work. If he has an early talent for drawing, you can buy a table – transformer – easel. Using a specialized accessory will not only solidify your child’s love for creative activity, but will also instill perseverance.

Buying specialized furniture for activities should not forget about the lighting of the workplace or play space. Today on sale there are a sufficient number of different lighting devices that will make classes and play more comfortable for the child.

Accessories for babies

The most sought-after accessories for furnishing a baby’s nursery right after birth are a bed canopy and upholstered furniture protection. Often these sleeping accessories are sold as part of a bedding set.

For the baby, parents should buy a folding changing table, which in the folded state does not take up much space, and in the working position greatly increases the procedure of changing the baby.

Usually, for an infant, the initial knowledge of the world begins with the acquaintance and mastery of various hanging garlands and rattles. Today, there are no problems with the choice of these things, the only condition is that they must be injury-free and made of safe, environmentally friendly materials.

As soon as the baby begins to move and sit independently, his play accessories should be supplemented with cubes and pyramids. For a boy, you can buy a rounded shape car or other wheeled “toy”, and for a girl the best gift would be a doll. Moreover, preference should be given to models that can be dressed up and undressed – let it be a panties and T-shirt in the simplest version.

Arranging a nursery for an infant must purchase lighting accessories. Today the most popular LED and fiber optic nightlights, which have the fanciest shape. Their light does not disturb the baby and at the same time does not give him a fright if he accidentally wakes up in the night. At the same time, they allow a half-asleep parent to orientate himself when he goes to the crib to soothe his baby at night.

Play accessories for preschoolers

Starting from the age of four become relevant various designers, from which the kid himself collects or builds game analogues of real objects, buildings or technical means. For girls, there are now offered a lot of furniture designers, with which the baby will be able to form the interior of the children’s kitchen or equip the house for Barbie dolls.

When the child is six years old, you can involve him in family board games and buy game sets that he can entertain his guests. The table will need to supplement the various cups, mini containers and other devices for storing drawing and writing implements and sundries.

From furniture accessories preschooler should buy a separate bookshelf, and if the size of the room allows – a bookcase. If you pick a universal model with lockable compartments or drawers, you can hide unnecessary game pieces in it. Modern furniture cabinets and shelves are distinguished not only by their original design, but also sometimes have a thematic decoration with prints and pictures of scenes from favorite cartoons or games.

Toys pillows in the form of animals will always be useful to furnish the living room of a child, regardless of his age. Excellent sets for additional saturation of the children’s room will be sets of series “Disney” or “Princess”. Depending on the specific model, it may include such accessories as a tape measure, a hanger of original design and thematic decoration, a wall mirror and other items.

As a developmental-informational assistant in the nursery you can install a wall clock, thermometer. Do not forget about such items as curtains or screens, which help to divide the room into several separate, partially isolated functional zones.