Children’s room and living room in one room

A children’s room and living room can be merged into one space by incorporating fun and interactive toys and games into the layout. This will keep the children entertained and engaged, while also making the living room more functional.

It is possible to combine in one room completely different functions, to make the interior cozy and practical with the help of proper zoning. We will tell you how to combine the nursery and living room in one room, how the planning and arrangement of a complex space is made. Read and find out what ideas are better to use to implement such projects. Photos and videos will clearly demonstrate all the existing possibilities.

Features of planning

When there is a need to conduct zoning of the living room and the nursery, it is important first of all to take into account the age of the child. For a newborn, there is no need to create special conditions. He only needs a comfortable crib, a table for changing. A grown-up baby needs a place to play, a schoolboy workspace. The older the child, the more space he needs. Therefore, when planning, it is important to start from the age peculiarities.

Another important point – the number of children. When there are two of them, and they are the same age, it will have to think about the organization of space, so that each had his own personal corner, each must have a bed and a desk, a closet to store things. Clearly, if the living room children’s room in one room, a place for all this is difficult to find. Save the situation is able to bunk bed, table-transformer and a cabinet with a mirror arrangement of shelves.

Proper zoning

The division of the room space is thought out in advance. The problem is easily solved when the room has the shape of an elongated rectangle. Then it is divided exactly in half, into two squares. In one, the one closest to the window, the children’s room is set up, and in the one closest to the front door, the living room. This distribution of functions is not accidental.

The window gives a lot of light, near the window there is a radiator. Here, both in winter and summer, the temperature is comfortable. This part is more easily ventilated. Place a children’s corner near the front door is undesirable for a variety of reasons: first, there are always drafts, and secondly, the nursery will get a passageway, which means that adults will interfere with the baby’s rest.

When the division of the room into two zones child and adult is made on the principle of equal division of space, one part from the other is separated by a variety of options.

The easiest thing to do is to nail a ceiling ledge exactly in the middle of the room and hang curtains. Textiles perfectly complements any interior, decorates it, helps to completely isolate sleeping children from adults. But the material does not prevent the penetration of noise, so it will be difficult to put children under the working TV.

When the designated problem is acute, it makes sense to put sliding doors. They can be part of a lightweight plasterboard partition, or become a separate structure (then glazing the entire opening). In any case, such a solution fits perfectly into any stylistic concept.

Doors isolate the space well, children can sleep peacefully, they will not be disturbed by the sound from the TV. Such a partition can be made of any material: plywood, wood, chipboard, MDF, glass. In the latter case, on the children’s side, the sliding doors are also covered with textiles. Light in the living room at night does not disturb the child, and during the day the sliding curtains allow natural light into the living room.

Cabinets and shelves, closed and open, wooden or plasterboard, metal or polystyrene complete the interior, provide a roomy storage system, form accents that advantageously emphasize the stylistic design of the living space. Installing them, you can save space.

There are on sale models that hide full beds. When a child is alone and needs somewhere to play, somewhere to prepare lessons, the purchase of such furniture will give great opportunities. Such a children’s room, combined with the living room, will get a larger area.

If the child is too small, fence off his crib and changing table will allow a beautiful screen. It is easy to fold, it is easy to unfold. When folded, it takes up little space and it is not difficult to hide behind the couch.

Planning rooms of complex shape

It is difficult to zoning a room for children and adults, when the room has a square shape or the shape of a long narrow carriage. In this case, you need to look for opportunities for the convenient arrangement of different furniture. Often such rooms have niches. It is the best place to install a loft bed, combining a sleeping place and a work surface. Next to it will be able to organize a play space.

The presence of a balcony or loggia provides an ideal place to organize a children’s room. We insulate the room, we make a warm floor, organize a good lighting and use the extra meters to the full. The main thing here is to take care about security, to equip all the windows with fittings that have a locking mechanism.

A square room of small size is difficult to divide in half, here zoning the room into a child’s room and a living room is carried out mainly with the help of:

  • color separation – the walls and ceiling are painted in different tones, different materials are used to decorate the floor;
  • different finishes – the walls in the nursery are hand-painted, the living room wallpapered;
  • lighting – point lamps are formed by the visual boundary, the children’s area is lit brighter, for the living room are chosen lights, floor lamps and sconces, emitting a subdued diffused light;
  • multilevel ceilings – their tiers define the upper contours of the two completely different zones;
  • catwalk – in it you can store a pull-out bed, put drawers for storage, on it to organize the space for a child’s life.

There are on sale today furniture that folds and unfolds. It allows you to use every available corner.

Ideas for arranging two different functional spaces

The equipment of the rooms is made taking into account the existing needs of the occupants. When there is an infant growing up in the house, there is no need to organize a multifunctional space for him. Let it be a normal living room with a crib, covered with a canopy. Place it by a window or in the darkest corner, then it will have to organize a good light.

For an adult child will have to allocate a large part of the living room space. It should be an area for sleeping, active games and activities. If you organize the space correctly, it can easily accommodate all of this. The main thing is to refuse to buy bulky furniture in favor of multifunctional models.

In the adult zone, it is important to place a soft sofa and a TV. And here it is important to use multifunctional furniture. Let the inside of the sofa have drawers to store bedding. Above it a small wall cabinet, designed to store dishes or books, can easily be placed. Narrow console shelves under the TV will allow you to scatter all kinds of things, hide remote controls, put inside the documents, instructions for the use of appliances.

Children's room

Style and design of the rooms

Correctly chosen design will allow you to visually increase the space, fill it with light and air. When you need to combine in one room so different in functionality rooms, it is better to use calm light colors, beige and sandy shades. It is considered appropriate the presence of mirrors, cabinets with glass facades.

If the baby will live a girl, there must be necessarily be upholstered furniture and textiles in soft pink tones. To create a harmonious finish is to duplicate them in the design of adult living room.

Children’s part of the room for the boy is better to perform in olive tones. Suitable warm shades of gray and blue with the use of prints in a check or striped. Well combine two different parts of the room can Scandinavian style, Provence, minimalism.

Here is the best way to fit fantasy children’s paintings, posters of cartoon characters, cars and teepees, houses for princesses – anything you like. In this case, the room will not seem cramped.

The basics at a glance

Organize on the area of one room nursery and living room is extremely difficult, if you think and properly plan the space, you can try to make cozy corners for all family members.

To do this, you need to allocate space for a child, separate it from the main room with a partition, sliding doors, curtains or a screen, make it in bright warm colors, equipped with multifunctional furniture, and then do the same with the zone for adults.