Children’s room: interior design for schoolchildren general rules of design

Can be differently decorated children’s room – interior design for schoolchildren should inspire learning about the world around them, to bring up the desire for knowledge. To do this, it is necessary to create the conditions. We will tell you how to properly zoning the room, what colors to choose for its decoration, what furniture to use for interior filling. Read and learn about the nuances of decorating space for boys and girls.

General rules

A schoolboy is a child from six to seventeen years old. The period is a big one. Throughout it, children grow up, they have new interests, hobbies. In order to save money and not to make repairs in the room every time, experts advise choosing a design project “for growth”. Until recently, to achieve this goal used the classic design options, created a neutral space, and then formed the atmosphere with the arrangement of bright accents.

Create an interior for a child’s room for a schoolboy “to grow up” is much easier if you choose to fill the furniture beds, cabinets, desks simple design and strict rectilinear shape. It is important to give preference to high-quality items that can withstand high usage. Children – a mobile people, they are constantly jumping, running, something to drop, spill. Flimsy furniture will not be able to survive such treatment.

The same applies to decorative objects, accessories, lamps, textiles. Any, even the most daring experiments are possible here. They can be changed more often, to use what corresponds to the specific age of the child. When buying all this, you should consider the opinion of the owner of the room. After all, it’s for him to live, learn and rest.

To avoid conflicts of interest, it is important to first properly prioritize, to explain to your son or daughter that the first place is always safety, so the bed should be comfortable here and now, and in some distant time, it is important that the cabinet contained all the available things, and lights, chandeliers gave the right amount of light. Therefore, adults need to insist on the fundamentals, and children can be trusted to choose colors, shapes and styles.

Planning stage

To think through the design of a child’s room for a schoolchild should begin with the division of the room into functional zones. A lot of time a child will spend at the table. He needs to do homework, read books, perform mathematical calculations, learn geographical maps. For the material to be better absorbed, nothing should distract the student’s attention.

Only learning objects, and nothing else: the wall color must be neutral, and no big drawings, bright ornaments. Photos, toys, shelves – all of this out of sight. A good wide table with drawers for books and notebooks, a comfortable chair with a backrest.

An important aspect – the lighting of the working area. If it is not enough, the student’s eyes will quickly become tired. Traditionally desks are placed directly in front of the window. This move helps to make full use of daylight. Without it there is no way: sunlight has a beneficial effect on the child’s nervous system, it promotes the production of vitamin “D”, preserves visual acuity, activates the internal biological clock, charges with positive energy.

Window openings should not be closed with heavy, thick curtains, it is convenient to hang Roman blinds. If necessary, they can be assembled and let as much sunlight into the room as possible.

When choosing a table and chair, it is important to consider the age of the child, the number of children living in the family. Arrange such furniture is best in the north-eastern area. This is where the room is best illuminated by the sun. The wall in front of the child’s face represents a deafening obstacle, it is difficult to penetrate the energy, which is bad for learning child, so psychologists advise to turn the table towards the window, well, or at least use angular models, in which only one edge is in contact with the wall. Then you can hang shelves parallel to it, which will place textbooks and workbooks.

When the kid gets along two children, it is useful to do for them one large table with a tabletop on a wall with a window. For each child underneath it should be its own set of bottom drawers. They are usually located symmetrically to each other in opposite corners. This design feature will help children sitting in chairs with wheels move comfortably along the entire table line.

A table built into a bed or closet. Usually such models are assembled and retracted if necessary. In this way freed up space for games. This is practical, convenient for the equipment of small rooms.

The table instead of the window sill allows you to make the interior of the room for a schoolboy more ergonomic. It does not take up much space, on the sides, extending the line of the slope, conveniently stand open shelves to the width of the book. This option can be considered under one condition: the height of the table top corresponds to the age of the child. There are parameters to calculate them:

  • up to 130 cm (child’s height) the height of the tabletop should be 52 cm;
  • from 130 to 145 cm – 58 cm
  • from 145 to 165 cm – 64 cm
  • from 165 to 175 cm – 70 cm.

The optimal depth of the tabletop is 60-90 cm, width up to 170 cm. The height of the chair is determined by the following indicator: when the child sits, his feet should freely stand on the floor. For primary school children it is important that the chair has armrests.

Children's room

Sleeping place

It should allow the child to rest between lessons and get a good night’s sleep. To create a comfortable frame of mind, many people decorate the wall near which the bed stands, bright, catchy. It is drawn favorite characters hang posters with idols. But kids are always growing, their interests change lightning speed, so very quickly they become bored with the familiar design. The desire for something new appears quite often. Therefore, a schoolboy’s room should be like a transformer – its design should be easy to change without the application of great effort.

It is easy to create for a first-grader fairy-tale world with vinyl stickers, applications, pictures, which at the right moment are removed and do not leave behind any traces on the base trim. When a schoolboy goes to high school, the same vinyl stickers, but other subjects will allow you to form a new mood without cosmetic repairs. It’s important not to go overboard with the colors, the bedroom – a corner in which a person needs to relax, to distract from everyday problems, relax and have a rest and body and soul.

Help to do this can only be a comfortable bed. Buying a sofa bed should be rejected immediately: no model can provide a flat surface for the spine. Considering the design of the bed, parents should give preference in favor of flat and flat mattresses, pillows, the width of which is no greater than the width of a child’s shoulder. Bedding should be made of natural fabrics.

It is great if the sleeping place will be on the second tier. There are now on sale beds, lofts, the purchase of which allows you to provide everything you need, but at the same time free up more space for games.

Under the bed you can place a roomy storage system and refuse to buy a cumbersome free-standing closet. Under it, you can organize a workspace. The range of furniture is so large that it is easy to choose something suitable for a particular family.

Double plaids, carpets throughout the room, open shelves, a large number of small accessories – not for the nursery. They are dust collectors.

Play area

It is important for a child of any age. It is decorated taking into account the age and interests of the schoolchild. If he likes to watch TV, play games on the console, you need to buy the necessary equipment and arrange the space, which will allow you to sit comfortably and enjoy the process.

It is useful to install a sports complex nearby. It will help to stretch the body and distract from books, TV, computer games.

It will be convenient if all the elements in the play area can be removed and free up space. Junior high school students love to play board games on the floor, lay out the railroad, work with constructors. An open area will allow them to do this on the floor. To make a child comfortable, it is important to choose a floor covering pleasant in tactile sensations and warm. The most “unkillable” material is laminate. If you throw a rug with a high pile on it, there will be a cozy corner for games.

Here you can work closely with your child and ask him what he would like to see in his play area. It can be supplemented with a drum set, video-making equipment. In contrast to the working area in the game room owner should feel free. Therefore, experts advise to choose the appropriate decoration.

All three zones should be well lit. The child’s health directly depends on the lighting. When a schoolboy does not see numbers, letters, small objects, the image on the TV or computer, he has a strong fatigue. He loses interest in learning, in his hobbies. To prevent such moments it is important to properly organize the supply of natural light, to set the general and local lighting. A desk lamp should appear on the desktop on the left side of the body, a multi-arm chandelier in the center of the ceiling, sconces over the bed, and ceiling spotlights in the play area.

A boy’s room

The very design of the room for a schoolboy in most cases is built “adult-style”, to give the room of the boy (as well as girls) are able to separate parts and accessories. If from the second tier to the first stretches a rope, if in the corner of the play area is a turnstile and ladder, it is a space for the future man. A baldachin over the bed, pictures of princesses, flowers in pots on the windowsill – this is the boudoir of a beautiful girl.

An interior for a boy should have masculine features. You can achieve this by adhering to the following rules:

  • wallpaper with glitter is gone, the rougher the texture of the walls, the better, to create an accent wall, a tile under the brick is ideal;
  • as decorations are good posters, photos in a black laconic frame, lego models, ships and planes assembled with the help of modeling;
  • fixtures with metal lamps in metal lamps, an Edison lamp on a long cord instead of the central chandelier, a floor lamp in the corner, similar to the lighting devices used in movies, a lamp with a base made of copper pipes on the table;
  • instead of a closed cabinet, a rack with open shelves, it has room for aircraft models, and lego toys, and collectible cars, such furniture perfectly fits into any stylistic concepts, in the boy’s room it is quite appropriate;
  • instead of traditional curtains on the windows, Roman blinds, they are good protection from the sun (no need to wake up on Sunday morning at dawn), they look laconic;
  • instead of a bed, a bunk model, with a sleeping place on top and a comfortable work space underneath;
  • an interactive globe, a 3D pen, a new generation tablet – the room of a boy’s schoolboy should have such gadgets;
  • a sports corner will not prevent personal space: a horizontal bar, a rope, a ladder, a basketball ring, a punching bag will help to distract from classes, stretch the body, and maintain muscle tone.

A room for a girl

The following photo shows how much different the interior of a schoolgirl’s room of a girl from the boy’s “den”. The space is decorated in gentle colors, necessarily there are floral compositions. Colors can be different, but the basis is always the same – white with milky, with a pale pink cast, with a touch of ivory. It is paired well with lilac, pastel blue, soft yellow.

If the nursery is large, it is better to zone it with partitions. They will help to separate the workplace from the bedroom and playroom. Looks good in the girls’ room podium. The mistress, even as an adult, will feel like a princess, who wants to always show off her beauty. A catwalk is the best thing you can think of for this.

Unthinkable room design for a schoolgirl girl without a lot of textiles. The bed is necessarily covered with a canopy, it is made of light transparent fabrics or dense material. Such a solution allows you to form the effect of a cocoon, a shelter, inside which is calm, quiet and very comfortable. On the bed, openwork sheets and a beautiful bedspread. On the windows, the curtains with ruffles and draperies. Embroidery, applique, sequins – you can use anything that will help to further decorate the fabrics and give the room a more decorative appearance.

Filling the furniture is almost the same: a desk, a comfortable bed. Tiered furniture is bad for girls. But if at heart the girl is a real tomboy, you can consider buying a loft bed.

Instead of a sports corner in the play area may appear a small folding sofa with bright upholstery with a pile of pillows, dressed in different pillowcases. Little coquettes need to watch their beauty, so their room must have a dressing table and a mirror with properly organized lighting.

A roomy storage system, which will allow you to put a large number of things, is another mandatory item in the furniture equipment of the room. It is important to have a closet, chest of drawers, bookshelves.

If the room is small, there will be difficulties with the placement of furniture, but this problem is solved by buying transformers, folding and unfolding items, ready-made systems that help make rational use of every inch of free space.

A room for two children

To design a child’s room it is necessary to make a huge effort. It is important not to infringe on anyone’s rights, so for children of similar age and the same sex zoning is done according to the principle of symmetry. One bed for one and the other the same. One closet, and another one the same. One table with a chair, and another equal workplace. No one is singled out, everyone equally. Otherwise there will be a constant war for the best corner.

If the room is divided boy and girl, you can divide the space with a partition and each half to decorate in its own way, but with the same set of furniture. When the space is small, the delimitation of space is made by color.

The essentials in a nutshell

Any children’s room – a space in which the child must be comfortable to sleep, play and learn. Therefore, the room must necessarily appear bed, a desk with a chair, a corner for rest. The presence of three zones requires the organization of good lighting.

Decoration (choice of style, colors) largely depends on the child’s gender, age and taste preferences. A boy’s room should be masculine. A room for a girl should be gentle, romantic and a bit dreamy.