How to choose a rug for a child’s room

Carpets always give comfort and coziness to a room. Crawling and walking on a soft, beautiful rug is much more pleasant and safe for your child than on a hard floor. As a child grows and develops, he spends most of his time on the floor. A rug also provides protection for the child’s room (from the cold in winter, and from the heat in summer). It is quieter and protects your child’s sleep. 

Carpet for children’s room

Carpet should be environmentally friendly, as the child is in contact with it during the play. The carpet content of chemicals that can cause unwanted reactions of the child’s body should be minimized.

Doctors advise acquiring carpets for children made of artificial or mixed fibres, which have hypoallergenic properties. Such products do not accumulate static electricity, are easy to clean, and are resistant to dirt, moisture and mold, and are not exposed to bacteria and insects.

It is better to choose a soft medium-density rug with a medium or short pile, as long pile accumulates dust and dirt to a greater extent.

child's room

The age of the child

When choosing a rug for a child’s room, you need to consider the age of the child. As the child grows, so do the rugs.

  • For a child’s room of up to 2-3 years old, the carpet must be a bright coloring with a pattern: this helps the child to learn about the world around them.
  • For children 3-9 years old, the carpet becomes a “playing field.
  • In the room of a schoolboy or schoolgirl, it turns into an element of interior decor, harmonizing with the overall style of the room. In this case, a rug with geometric figures or lines, or a monochrome rug of a neutral color will do. You can also use a rug with a longer pile in a modern abstract design. 

Carpet sizes

According to the size of the carpets are divided into:

  • small – up to 2,5 sq.m,
  • medium – from 2,5 to 6 sq.m,
  • large – from 6 sq.m. and more.

Designer Tips

  1. Small rugs are usually used in certain places in the nursery – in front of the crib, for stacking toys, changing the baby, they put the potty. 
  2. A medium-sized rug is already becoming an independent element of nursery decor, drawing attention to a particular area of the room. These carpets create a more comfortable children’s play area.
  3. In a teenager’s school-age child’s room, a medium-sized carpet becomes a central element of the interior. This direction is now intensively developing in Europe. Here the rugs are created with the use of sports or musical themes, for example a bright multi-colored carpet, a skateboard rug, or a carpet with a race car.
  4. Carpet sizes of 2m x 3m and larger form the overall look of the nursery. He is an important, and usually the main detail of the interior. Therefore choose these rugs more carefully and for a longer period.
  5. When selecting the size of the carpet, you must remember that from the furniture (wall) to the carpet must remain 20-30 cm free floor space. Then the product will be visible in the room as an independent element of design, and not look like a carpet.
  6. In one room you can use several mats, but of the same type. With a successful choice of pattern and size, such a combination can become a highlight of the design of the nursery. 


  1. The right choice of pattern and palette of children’s carpet creates a good mood for you and the child. Babies are interested in playing on a bright rug with their favorite characters from fairy tales or cartoons. Bright colors and filling with different details and/or familiar characters stimulate a child’s interest in looking at and remembering the images on the rug. 
  2. As the child grows, the design of the rug also changes – from fairy tales to teenage themes. Here the carpet is already turning from an educational tool into the center of the interior, emphasizing the individuality of the emerging personality. Therefore, depending on the particular preferences of the owner can be found as a carpet with a modern abstract design, and products with musical or sports themes. 
  3. If part of a common room is used as a children’s room, the rug serves to highlight the play area. You can, on the contrary, put one large rug, but with a neutral pattern, suitable for both adults and children.
  4. Rugs of oval and round shape visually enlarge the room, creating the effect of more space.