How to decorate a room for a child’s birthday

How to decorate a room for a child’s birthday so that the holiday was beautiful and remembered for a long time? Without a doubt, there are many options for festive decoration of the home for such an occasion. Let’s talk about some of them, which is easy to do with their own hands, to involve the hero of the occasion and, at the same time, not too empty the family budget.

Decorating the room with balloons

This is the most common and at the same time the most win-win way to decorate the room in honor of the holiday. And, importantly, inexpensive. There can be any number of ways to decorate, you just need to use your creative imagination.

  1. You can hang colorful balloons from the ceiling. Or, alternatively, to walls, window frames, etc.
  2. Scatter balloons randomly around the room.
  3. Fill balloons with helium so they float freely under the ceiling.
  4. Make flowers, bouquets or funny figures from balloons, which, again, hung from the ceiling or scattered around the room.
  5. Complement the composition of balloons with streamers, bright ribbons and stickers.
  6. Make congratulatory inscriptions on balloons corresponding to the holiday.

It is important here that the birthday boy with a willingness and pleasure to take part in such a simple and fun decoration procedure. In this case, we can talk about a holiday made by hand. Such holidays, as we know, are best remembered.

One more thing. There is no need to save on balloons, as well as on additional holiday attributes. There should be lots of balloons, they should fill all the space! And they should be colorful and bright. This will give a special color and mood to the celebration.

Decorating with garlands

Paper garlands can be a simple enough decoration, but at the same time they add a special color and festive spirit to the room. They are easy to make their own hands, and that’s another plus in their favor.

Let’s imagine: mom, dad and child first make garlands, and then, waiting for the desired day, together they decorate the room in which the festive celebrations will take place. The result is two whole holidays for the birthday child. Isn’t it great?

How to hang garlands around the room is a matter of taste and creativity. The main thing is that it should be solemn, smart and beautiful.

child's birthday

Decorating with numbers

A birthday is a holiday where you can’t do without numbers. After all, the child turns a certain number of years old! So it is necessary to reflect this event in numbers.

To make such figures is not difficult. The best thing is to cut them out of colored paper and hang (or glue) somewhere visible. Or make them in some other way. And even better if they are not just numbers, but numbers with words. For example: “I turned 7 years old!” Or, “I’m all grown up, I’m 8 years old!” In general, you can come up with any text. The main thing is that it should reflect the solemnity and importance of the event.

To make the numbers and letters look brighter, it’s better to make them in different colors and sizes. Well, of course, special importance should be given to the main figure, indicating how old the birthday boy was. It should look especially beautiful and solemn and be larger than other numbers and letters.

Decoration with turntables and funnies

What these are – every mother knows, and so does the child. They are often made in junior high schools and kindergartens from colored paper. Crafts are simple, and it can be mastered by any child. Therefore, when preparing the turntables and fans in advance, to the process should involve the future birthday child. Better yet – together with his friends, if possible.

The same applies to the process of decorating the room. Let the child (himself or with his friends) hang up the handicrafts in the room. Of course, under the supervision of adults who can give unobtrusive advice on how best to decorate the room.

Decorating the room with cartoon characters

Speaking of cartoon characters. Their images can be placed not only in a wall newspaper or on a photo collage. A good idea is to make a “cartoon” birthday party. That is, decorate the entire room with images of characters from the favorite cartoons of the birthday child. In this case, it will seem as if they (cartoon characters) are also invited to the birthday party.

Finding them is not difficult. The best option is to download the characters from the Internet and print them on paper. Of course, this should be done in advance, and not on the very eve of the celebration. And, of course, the dad and mom should know what kind of characters and from what cartoons the birthday child likes the most.

A great option is to buy cartoon characters as well as pictured cartoon characters and a few toys depicting these characters. The birthday child and his guests will definitely want to put them with him at the holiday table, to make participants in the game, to talk to them. In addition, such toys will be a wonderful gift for the birthday boy.

Planes, steamships, cars…

If the birthday boy is a boy, then a good solution would be to decorate the room with a variety of toy and drawn equipment. What boy does not like airplanes, steamships, cars and other equipment?

How best to do it? There are many ways:

  • make garlands of airplanes and decorate the room with them;
  • make a large photo collage where the birthday child is sitting in an airplane;
  • as an option, the birthday boy descends from the sky on a parachute;
  • make paper parachutes and decorate one of the walls of the room with them;
  • in another case you can make garlands in the form of steamboats or racing cars. And, accordingly, make photo collages, where the birthday child will look like a brave captain of a ship or a dashing racing driver.

Themed birthday party

Quite an interesting idea, which children’s birthday children and their guests always perceive with delight. Themes, of course, you can come up with a lot.

If the birthday girl is a girl, then dress her up as a fairy or princess. And if it’s a boy – why not make a birthday party in the style of a safari?

Of course, for this the room should be decorated accordingly, turning it in the first case into a magical country, and in the second case – into a wild prairie with lots of animals. Well, of course, the costumes of the birthday boys should also be suitable for the role of a fairy or a fearless hunter of lions and rhinos.

“Primal” birthday party

Another idea that kids will no doubt appreciate is a “primal” birthday party. What do you need for it? Generally speaking – not much. You just need to decorate the room with images of dinosaurs, flying lizards and other prehistoric monsters. It will be scary and interesting at the same time.

Where can you get them? You can download some of them from the Internet. Another part – to buy in a toy store. A third – make one yourself (with the child’s participation). For example, from balloons. How to do it – a topic for a separate conversation. It is easy to find out the details of making from the Internet.