How to decorating a Halloween quest room for kids

If you are looking for an spooky and fun Halloween Quest Room for your children, then look no further! This guide will show you how to decorate a Quest Room in a way that will make your little ones feel right at home. By following this easy guide, you can make your Quest Room the perfect place to explore the many secrets of Hallowe’en.

Have you already started getting ready for Halloween? The holiday of evil spirits, ghouls, witches and other spooky characters came to us from English-speaking countries and has managed to become incredibly popular among children and young people. The idea of the holiday resonates with adults – we can laugh at their childhood fears. It’s also a good excuse to have a fun, colorful, costumed holiday in the spirit of Tim Burton movies and make your children happy.

On Halloween Eve, we tell you how to organize a children’s quest at home on a budget. It will be scary interesting!

Halloween quest room

Let’s use a room with a door or several rooms

The room should be roomy enough for your kids and guests to move safely through the space and look for clues during the quest. If your home has modest room sizes, make use of several rooms. If between them there is a door, excellent – there is an opportunity to implement the idea of different levels of the quest (opened the door – then cope with the task and went to the next level). Or in these rooms you can implement a different storyline.

Coming up with a theme and story quest.

On the one hand, what legend you pick up for the quest, depends largely on the success of the event. This should be creepy, absorbing story. If you are new in this business, we advise to trust the proven classics of the genre. For example, if your kids love horror movies, use the theme of zombies, vampires, ghosts, and a mental hospital. Teenagers are often into comic books and scary books.

If your kids like to puzzle over complex puzzles and games to investigate mysterious cases and disappearances, the quest can be made based on a popular detective. Draw ideas from books and TV series about Sherlock Holmes. Who doesn’t dream of trying his hand at being the great detective, catching the villain or solving some mystery? Whichever plot you choose, make sure it will be understandable to the participants of the quest.

Decorate the quest room with your own hands

The legend is invented, the quest is divided into stages, there are ideas of what tasks can be coded in the room. Next, proceed to decorate the quest room to make the setting more atmospheric and authentic.

To decorate a Halloween quest room at home, you don’t have to purchase expensive store-bought decor. All you need is your time, imagination and a few handy tools that can be found in every home.

Idea 1

Use safe electric candles or lanterns to create a spooky ambiance. All you’ll need to create a spooky lantern is paper, jars, and markers.

Idea 2

Old sheets will work for the background. You can put scary, mystical images on the fabrics. With these pieces of fabric, try to drape the windows and part of the walls, hang large pieces of furniture.

The floor is also capable of becoming part of a spooky story. For this purpose, dip old boots in red watercolor paint and go over the sheeting. That’s how you get a trail of bloody footprints. Very creepy!

Idea 3

Branches, rocks, and mats in the form of grass will help bring the forest or cave scene to life. Spider webs are made from gauze, cut out bats, skulls, witches to decorate windows and doors from colored paper. These figures can be assembled on a string and decorated as a garland.

Stack pumpkins in a jar (a must-have Halloween attribute!) and arrange around the room, decorate the composition with straw. You can hide a clue in the pumpkins.

If the plot should creepy spiders crawl into the room, you can make a spider out of a paper plate. Paint the plates black, attach with a stapler chenille wire in the form of paws.

Idea 4 

Make a ghost out of gauze, tulle, glue, white fabric, hangers or ladders. It turns out very realistic, doesn’t it?

An eerie stranger, whose face is not visible behind the hood, can be created with a mobile ladder, a mop and a large amount of dense fabric. Such a fake would give even an adult goosebumps!

Idea 5

When the background and hinged elements are ready, add a few more details to complete the look. Jars of alcoholized organs that can be molded from plasticine, severed brushes created from an old glove stuffed with absorbent cotton and painted beige.

Spooky posters based on the quest can be hung everywhere. For example, with Dracula or Pennywise.

How do I make my Quest look better?

Making your Quest look better is easy with the help of some simple tools and adjustments.

The first thing you’ll want to do is adjust the size and shape of your Quest. To do this, open the Settings menu and select Display. From here, you can adjust the size and shape of your Quest.

If your Quest is too small, you can make it bigger by selecting the Increase Size option. If your Quest is too big, you can select the Decrease Size option. You can also adjust the shape of your Quest by selecting the Round or Square option.

The next thing you’ll want to do is adjust the color of your Quest. To do this, open the Settings menu and select Display. From here, you can adjust the colors of your Quest.

If you want to make your Quest look nicer, you can adjust the color of the background, text, and icon. You can also adjust the color of the frame around your Quest.

Finally, you can add a background to your Quest. To do this, open the Settings menu and select Display. From here, you can select the Background option.

You can select a background from the Gallery, or you can select the Custom option to create your own background.