Ideas for storing toys

Keeping order in the nursery is as difficult as possible. And all because during the game any child tries to use the entire arsenal of existing opportunities. It is not easy to clean the debris formed after the games. Cleaning can be facilitated by following a few simple steps. Let us tell you what to do it the best way. Read and find out what ideas for storing toys will help make your baby’s room clean and tidy.

The basic principles of creating a convenient storage system

Play is a form of development. It helps to learn about the world, to try on different roles, to dive into illusions and fantasies and to find there the explanation of the most unclear questions. Toys are tools to create a world of magic. Therefore, it is impossible to do without them.

Uncontrolled shopping leads to an accumulation of a huge number of cars or dolls. They become so much that they begin to disturb literally everyone. In order not to worsen the problem, it is important to start each cleaning of the room with the revision of toys.

It is useful at this stage to find and remove all unnecessary. Subject to removal:

  • Toys that are broken and cannot be repaired. This could include mosaics with lost parts, constructors that lack all the necessary elements, cars without wheels, bears with torn off paws.
  • Toys that are not appropriate to the age of the child. Rattles are unlikely to be of interest to the student, so you can safely discard them. It is worth to put away cubes, pyramids, dolls, if no one is playing them for a long time.
  • Toys that have become uninteresting kid. And these things happen. Throw them away immediately should not be: what if they remember, want to see. It is better to put and put in some distant drawer. If your child remembers them, you can take them out and show them.

What’s left after the revision, you need to carefully sort: all toys experts advise to divide into three large groups.

The first group consists of the things that the child plays every day. This can be a favorite stuffed toy with which he falls asleep in bed, a car, constructor. These items should always be on hand so that the baby could at any time to get up and take it without the help of adults, and then, after playing, put it back.

The second group is important to put toys that are used when the son or daughter comes to the company peers. These can be mini kitchens, dolls houses, designers. Their place is inside a closed cabinet, on shelves at chest level of the child.

Or you can make a doll house inside an old suitcase and take it out to play from under the bed. Then it will not take up much space in the room.

It is important to organize such a storage system for them, so that inside it you can arrange the items in one or two rows. Do not pile toys up: it will make it harder to find what you need. To get it out, you would have to pour out all the supplies in the drawer. Here you have a new mess.

In the third group, experts advise setting aside toys, games that require the presence of an adult. There are potentially dangerous sets (designers with small parts, toy first aid kits, games in the style of “daughters of the mother”), they should be stored high, where the son or daughter alone can not get boxes.

Nursery cabinets, open shelves and chests

Suggest ideas for storing children’s toys in this category can furniture manufacturers. There is a large number of open shelves.

It is worth choosing those models that will be convenient for the child himself to use.

While the kids are small, experts advise installing racks on the side. Then the child will not be able to climb up them high, as if they were climbing a ladder. If in addition to shelving buy plastic containers, it will be easier to sort toys and put them into separate thematic groups. To then easily find the right thing in them, it is enough to glue to the end of the container image of the contents.

Instead of containers, buckets are also good. There are special sets for storing sundries on sale. Bright and lightweight, the buckets have no sharp corners. They are roomy enough and very convenient to use.

If there is no space to install a rack, you can put containers and buckets on open shelves mounted on the walls. Even if you use storage systems for this, which are usually used to complete dressing rooms, it will turn out very beautiful.

Convenience is the main criterion for choosing a storage system. Children use only what they can see. Therefore, only those toys that are in sight will be considered relevant. If they lie at the bottom of a deep drawer, they will soon be forgotten about.

Therefore, when buying furniture, be sure to take this fact into account. The height of the cabinets should not exceed the height of the child’s hand. Then the kid will be able to take the necessary thing from the shelves and put it back.

It is difficult for boys and girls to focus on two or three objects at once. Their eyes perceive one thing at a time. Therefore, it is useful to sort game tools and put the cars separately, separately developing games, and place soft toys in a row on the shelf.

You can sew pockets. They are sold ready-made in the accessories section. They look like a large piece of fabric, which formed a convenient cavity. They fit well dolls, small stuffed bears and bunnies. The piece of fabric is usually attached to the side end of the furniture. The child can at any time to come up, take out what he needs, and then put it in place.

It is important to avoid complicated designs. Transformer furniture is not for the baby. It is more likely to be suitable for a teenager. It is also difficult for a child to use shelves that are hidden in the podium. For preschoolers need to organize a very simple storage of children’s toys – ideas and tips for its organization will give a little below. In the meantime, let’s continue to deal with the basic principles of organizing play space.

Dream of a perfect order in the house where young children live, it is not necessary. They are constantly on the move and playing with several of their favorite toys, so the pile, piled on the floor, for them it is normal.

In order not to be nervous, you need to organize a room in the play corner and teach the kid there scatter his toys. The field of play will not be constantly sprawling, if you limit the area from the rest of the room. To do this, it is not necessary to erect fences. It is enough to organize a play area near the accent wall and spread a small rug on the floor or install a children’s tent or a house.

For educational purposes, it is useful to involve the kid himself in cleaning toys. It will be easier to do this, if you make cleaning an interesting exciting game, cause interest in storing items in bright beautiful boxes and drawers.

A good trick is when instead of the usual closet there is a module that looks like a house. His child will be more willing to fill it.

If you make a few hiding places, you can also organize a convenient storage of children’s toys – the ideas for this will prompt the children themselves. They have a lot of nooks in their room. They just need to put drawers or baskets.

One large stash can be made if you buy a regular chest and paint it, paint. It is very roomy, you can also put boxes inside for easy sorting. But the very fact of having your own treasures will please any child.

Other creative solutions

If there is no space for a trunk, a large bag can replace it. If you want, you can sew it yourself from cotton scraps. If you provide a lace in the upper part, it will tighten the neck and close the contents, not allowing them to scatter on the floor.

And here is another option for using bags. You can put not only stuffed toys in them, but also any other small items. If there is a collection of superheroes in the house, a ready-made version of a soft shoebox will be more suitable for them.

Some needlewomen show imagination, dipping a box inside the bag. It gives the product a strict geometric shape and provides its stability. You can set the bag in a corner of the room, you can hang it on a hook at chest level of the baby. When necessary, he will take toys out of the bag, and then put them back.

Boxes lined with fabric – another alternative to chests. They are lightweight, beautiful and safe. Such an item is a great decoration for any interior.

If the house is growing boy and he has an impressive collection of cars, make him a garage, make it inside the shelves and then you’ll see how accurate your child will be. He will every time to drive into the garage of his fleet of cars after playing with it at his pleasure.

Take a few colored plastic buckets, stack them on top of each other in a pyramid, fasten them together, you get a very convenient and roomy system that allows you to organize the storage of children’s toys in the nursery – such ideas are implemented quickly, the purchase of plastic buckets will be inexpensive.

Among the goods for the garden or in hardware stores they sell metal baskets or plastic garbage cans, which can also be adapted for storing toys.

And here is another original idea. Pillow cases for pillows. And inside there are soft toys. This approach is not only very original, but also practical. Such an object can serve as an armchair at the same time.

Suspension systems also deserve special attention. There are on sale convenient organizers, shelves and hammocks. They look very interesting in any interior. Such devices free up space on the lower level, and there is more space for games. This is relevant for small rooms.

Another solution to save space in the room is to use the space under the bed for storage. There are furniture manufacturers that produce large drawers, specially designed for this purpose. They cost inexpensive, their purchase allows you to hide a large number of items.

storing toys

Briefly about the main thing

Find order in the nursery, and then maintain it will be easier if you organize a roomy storage system for toys.

It must be beautiful and convenient for the child. It is important to find something that he can easily use without the help of an adult.

There are shelves, cabinets and hangers on sale. If the square footage does not allow you to use ready-made systems, you can organize a convenient storage system with organizers, bags, pillowcases.