Paintings in the children’s room: how to choose and hang, ideas for children’s rooms

The message of paintings in the children’s room

Today’s children often do not see art, do not attend exhibitions and do not join the artistic environment. And this is a great omission, because children’s worldview differs from that of adults and can not just understand the picture (albeit in their own way), but also come up with a story for it. Paintings in the children’s room of a boy or a girl are necessarily chosen together, which will create the mood and show the importance of the acquisition of the object of art.

Advantages of paintings for the nursery:

  • favorable formation of the child’s psyche;
  • creating a special spiritual atmosphere of the room;
  • the emergence of sincere feelings when looking at the work.

It is important and the right lighting. In a dark corner the picture will simply be lost, but also direct sunlight can adversely affect the quality of the colorful layer. Choose a place together with the child, and place the picture at the level of the child’s gaze.

Paintings and posters in the nursery

Paintings and posters in a girl’s room

As a rule, the stylistics of the interior of the room for a girl involves the use of gentle tones, most often white, beige or pink shades. Accordingly, and posters with paintings need to select a suitable color scheme.

If you choose by subject, you can use original illustrations with cartoon characters – princesses, funny little animals, favorite characters. Fairy-tale landscapes are sure to please your little girl. A very young daughter will like paintings with animals, flowers, butterflies.

Choosing a painting in the room of a teenage girl, you can take into account her hobbies or interests. If your child is engaged in dancing, you can use paintings with ballerinas, dancers of different styles, thematic illustrations. If her daughter plays a musical instrument, you can pick up an appropriate themed poster.

Paintings and posters in the room of a boy

As a rule, the interior of the boy’s room is made in darker tones, shades of gray, green, most often blue. But often designers use a more daring color scheme.

Paintings and posters with your favorite cartoon characters and characters from fairy tales and works of fiction would be good for a child’s room. You can use funny illustrations with animals and posters with more masculine themes – ships, cars, planes.

In the interior room of a boy of a more mature age would look great vintage maps, posters with the starry sky, landscapes. Or paintings that reflect the child’s hobbies – music, literature, sports, hobbies.

Ways to place paintings in the interior

In the interior of the children’s room you can use not one picture, but many. They can be of different sizes. This does not play a big role. As a rule, children are very inquisitive, so they will definitely enjoy seeing a lot of different paintings and posters in the interior of their room.

You can use the traditional way of placing pictures – on the wall on nails. A picture may be hung over a child’s bed or in front of it, over a desk or in the play area.

Several small posters and paintings can be combined into one group and form a kind of collage. The wall can be further decorated with other decorative decorations.

A popular way to place paintings and posters in the interior of a child’s room is to use special small shelves, which can be purchased in most stores for interior styling. As a rule, such shelves are not too wide, but on them you can arrange a group of paintings and posters in the same style, interspersing them with other decorative ornaments, whether it is any statuettes, books, various figurines, etc.

Artistic styles

Paintings in the children’s room are selected taking into account the age of the child, his preferences, but also do not forget about the overall style of the room. He should feel the importance of his decision, see how the work harmonizes with the rest of the style of the house or apartment. This will help to develop a sense of harmony and spatial vision.

Depending on the gender and age of the child, you can choose works in any modern style. Abstraction will emphasize art deco, minimalism or loft. Paintings depicting children, flowers, any landscapes can be chosen for classic interiors.

Paintings for a boy’s or girl’s nursery

Painting in the interior of a child’s room should be optimally perceived by the child’s mind and not overload the space, so you should carefully choose the subject.

If you plan to buy a painting in the children’s room of a boy, we advise you to take a closer look at the paintings in the maritime style. For example, with the image of a ship, marine attributes or a quiet seascape

Another worthy option – paintings depicting transport and machinery. Many boys are interested in such directions.

Choosing a painting for a girl’s child’s room, we recommend paying attention to bright landscapes. For example, a canvas depicting an ancient castle or a majestic forest will do. A painting with flowers or a fantasy plot, such as angels, would also be appropriate. It is important to take into account the girl’s hobbies, for example, if she is engaged in dancing, then paintings depicting ballerinas would be good for the nursery

Regardless of gender and age of the child, children’s room can be decorated with paintings in the style of animalistic

This is a neutral theme, which is appropriate even for the room of a newborn baby.

  1. Choosing a color scheme of paintings, taking into account children’s perception
  2. The development of the concept of the interior of the children’s room should begin with the choice of the color scheme. According to psychologists, color plays an important role in the development of the child’s psyche, attention, and perception of the environment. When decorating a child’s room, it is appropriate to use paintings of neutral or bright colors. Canvases in dark colors can negatively affect a child’s emotional state. And warm colors soothe and create a feeling of comfort.

Choosing the subject of an oil painting

When choosing children’s oil paintings, you need to focus on the age category:

  • For babies from birth to 3 years it is better to choose paintings with simple and understandable subjects. For example, paintings depicting animals, nature or children’s toys. The presence of such elements in the interior is part of the developmental and playful process. Babies with pleasure study the objects located around, especially made in a bright color scheme.
  • Children aged 4 to 7 years will be interested in oil paintings depicting specific images. For example, fairy tale characters, superheroes, robots. At this age, children develop character, affections and hobbies. It is important to create an atmosphere in the room that will encourage the development of imagination. The environment will largely determine how to form the child’s creative and creative thinking.
  • Children 7 years and older usually become interested in travel. Therefore, paintings depicting different cities and interesting landscapes would be a good option for decorating the room.

As the child grows up, the paintings can be changed, as well as other interior items in the nursery.

Decorating oil paintings and their location in the room

It is better to choose paintings for the children’s room in simple frames, not too wide and without complicated patterns.  Can be more saturated compared to the basic tone of the paintings. Also suitable options without registration, that is, canvases on the stretcher.

It is better to place bright paintings on light-colored walls. As for the arrangement of paintings, there are two main options:

  • Classic. There should be one big picture on the wall or several small ones, hanged in a single line. You can assign a certain rhythm to canvases, either dynamic or abstract.
  • Modern. Paintings can not be mounted on the walls, but put on open shelves, but away from shelves with books and various figures. In this case, it is appropriate to use framed paintings

When choosing the concept of placement, it is important to consider the size of the paintings. For convenience, you can use paper templates – attach them to the wall and see how the paintings will look. Be sure to look from different angles, this will help to better assess the composition.

Remember that painting loves space. Do not hang single paintings near bulky cabinets or over large sofas. Preferably there should be indents on all sides of the painting, as if the wall serves as an additional frame. The center of the picture should be at or just above the child’s eye level, so he doesn’t have to raise his head too much, studying the image.

You shouldn’t place the painting on a southern wall, where a lot of sunlight enters. It is better if the painting is illuminated by an artificial source of light – a floor lamp, a sconce or a spotlight, which you can turn on in the evening. Given these recommendations, you can create the most comfortable interior for your child in the children’s room.

Plot solution

Of course the plot of the picture is selected under the stylistic design of the children’s room. Most often, the paintings depict the animalistic genre. Pictures of animals and their cubs will look great in the room for a newborn baby. Small kittens or cubs bring playfulness into the design and create a warm and gentle atmosphere. The advantage of such images is that they will perfectly fit into the design of the room of both a girl and a boy. Against the background of gentle shades of the walls, the bright color of the decor elements is able to satisfy the desires of any parent.

Choosing the color of the walls for the nursery, I decided to ask the advice of a psychologist and part-time my neighbor. Of course I already knew a lot of information from her, but this only strengthened my confidence and got some new practical tips. That is what I want to share with you:

  • The color of the walls in the nursery should not be oppressive. That is, the use of dark colors and shades will be completely unacceptable here. Only a light color brings positive emotions to those around you, and it contributes to the development of the baby
  • For a newborn baby and up to 2 years of age, it is better to use a soft and unsaturated color. Usually such colors bring harmony and comfort and can be soothing and relaxing.
  • Already after 3-4 years, children start to perceive and choose bright and contrasting colors. Here you can use a rich yellow or red, blue and orange. Making repairs with your own hands, you can involve your child in the choice of wall color in the nursery
  • Using two-color solutions for the children’s room can add picturesqueness to the design, as well as dilute the monotony of the design. Using wallpaper, you can choose cloths with inclusions or a small pattern
children's room

Choosing a picture

Choosing a picture, it is important to take into account and the age category of the child. So, a preschool boy will certainly like a wall painting with characters from his favorite cartoon or LEGO game. Girls will appreciate the same pictures with Teddy bears, fairies, princesses. In a child’s room you can create the atmosphere of a fairy tale forest with numerous forest inhabitants.

Favourite themes of decoration for young schoolchildren are the jungle and savannah. Such a theme will not require a change in the interior, it is enough to add a few bright themed touches: a blanket, a small rug, a pencil holder.

In second place of popularity is the sea theme. Here the preferences of boys and girls coincide and images of palm trees, sandy shore, ships, the inhabitants of the underwater world are welcome.

More complicated is the case with the choice of paintings in the room of a teenager. Here it is important to listen to the opinions and hobbies of the child. Perhaps for the boy would be relevant to portray a drum kit favorite rock band or soccer attributes.

A teenage girl will appreciate the romantic themes, which will successfully complement any design. Again, the image of a tree will be appropriate, on the branches of which you can place a photo collage.


The easiest way to paint the walls in the nursery is to use stencils. You can buy in any construction supermarket ready-made blanks or make them yourself. To make them yourself is sufficient:

  • prepare cardboard or thick PVC film;
  • find the desired image on the Internet and print it;
  • cut out the picture and tape it to the prepared cardboard or film;
  • to trace the outlines of the image and to cut it out with a paper knife.

The finished stencil is then pinned to the wall and, depending on what you have in mind, traced for further coloring or coated with a sponge or sprayer with a single color paint.

When choosing a drawing, it is important to consider the overall interior of the room and the interests of its inhabitant. For example, you can perform ornaments with butterflies at the headboard of a girl’s bed, or nautical or pirate attributes in the room of a boy.

Excellent addition to any child’s interior drawings of plant subjects. It is not very difficult to make a stencil of a tree. Adding a few decorative things on the wall, it can be turned into:

  • a blossoming sakura in a girl’s bedroom;
  • a family tree in the room of a boy.