Storage of books in the nursery on shelves, racks

Parents understand the important role that books play in the upbringing, development of the child. From an early age, the baby acquires poems, fairy tales. They are replaced by interesting stories, exciting adventure stories, etc. As a result, the child gradually accumulates a solid library. It should provide her with a convenient storage. A collection of books can become a decoration of the children’s room, if you choose the design option intelligently. Find the best way to place printed publications can be in a room with any area. You only need to carefully consider all the options for storing books in the nursery.

Types of designs for storing children’s books

An extensive range of furniture provides an opportunity to choose a model for any purpose, taking into account all factors. For children’s printed materials can be purchased:

  • bookcase;
  • furniture wall;
  • shelving unit;
  • open hinged shelves;
  • a floor shelf;
  • mobile cart.

Each type of furniture has its own features, advantages and disadvantages. It is necessary to carefully consider the options, so that the cabinet, shelf or children’s shelf for books provided maximum convenience, meet all the requirements.

Homemade craftsmen can build a storage unit for a child’s books with their own hands. On the Internet you can find a lot of original ideas for such designs. Consumable materials for them are in every store of building materials.

Basic requirements for furniture for children’s books

  • Rack, cabinet or shelf for books in the nursery must meet several criteria. When buying this furniture, you need to focus on the specific purpose, requirements for children’s room furniture. The design should:
  • Create quality conditions for the storage of the child’s entire library;
  • Provide ease of use;
  • ensure safety;
  • blend in with the interior.

The shelves in the rack, cabinet or wall will have to accommodate prints of different sizes. In the design should be able to find a place for each book. Free access to each of them is necessary, so that at any time the child can take the necessary work.

Storage for children’s books will take part in instilling in the child a love of cleanliness. The furniture should provide convenience in the neat arrangement of books. This will help your child maintain order easily.

A storage system will help your child maintain order

Rack, wall, children’s shelf for books should be safe. It is necessary to pay attention to the material of manufacture, stability, reliability of construction. This furniture is an important element of the interior. It is necessary to consider the harmony of its combination with the decoration, other furnishings. Shelves should successfully complement the design of the children’s room.

Rules for choosing designs

Children’s room should be comfortable, safe, create the ideal conditions for the development of the child, the formation of useful skills. Furniture for storing books in the nursery is selected with these factors in mind. The main criteria are:

  • the scale of the library, perspective;
  • the area of the room, the availability of space, its size;
  • the age of the child, his habits, preferences;
  • features of the interior, its style;
  • financial resources.

A preschooler’s library may be small, including 10-15 favorite books. Sometimes parents do not think it necessary to buy a lot of literature, accustomed to the child from an early age to visit the library or organize the exchange of books with other families. In this case, it is sufficient to hang a children’s shelf for books. The shelf is chosen taking into account the specifics of the interior, the age of the child.

Many parents who want to instill, maintain a love of reading in children, prefer to create a home library. It provides an opportunity to re-read favorite works, forms a strong interest in literature, which is sure to come in handy in life. For such a growing up reader, you need to install a cabinet or shelf for books in the nursery. This furniture will provide the opportunity to place a solid library, replenish it as the child grows up.

You must ensure that your child has access to books. The kid will not be able to get his favorite stories in a closet or on a large shelf. Such placement creates a risk of falling and getting hurt. In the room of a preschooler, you can install a floor children’s shelf for books, hang low wall structures, taking into account the growth of the child.

The price range for furniture structures of this category is quite large. Every consumer will be able to choose a model. It is not necessary to purchase expensive products made of natural wood. You can choose from a range of inexpensive, safe furniture.

Cabinets and shelving for storing books

Every bibliophile will tell you that the best storage for books is an enclosed cabinet. Indeed, this furniture creates ideal conditions for printed matter. The cabinet protects literature from external influences. For expensive books, which will be stored for many years, these designs are ideal. Such furniture is worthy of decorating the interior, gives solidity.

However, for the children’s room, the cabinet is not the best solution. This option can only be used in the room of a teenager who already knows how to appreciate furniture, books, treat them with care.

If the child is going to have a large library, you can install a convenient rack for books in the child’s room. This design provides an opportunity to conveniently place a lot of literature. In addition to it, the shelves can accommodate crafts, souvenirs, accessories, etc. The range of such furniture is large, it is possible to choose a model for any interior.

Racks have several important advantages. Designs:

  • have a large capacity;
  • have a universal purpose;
  • easy to use;
  • can be used in zoning.

In the room of a schoolboy, teenager you can install a classic model. A large range of dimensions allows you to choose a design taking into account the size of the available space. If a children’s corner has to be equipped in the living room, the shelving unit can be used for zoning.

The range of this furniture also includes special models. For a kid’s room, you can choose a special children’s rack for books. These designs are characterized by small dimensions, provide a child with comfort, safety.


Placement of shelves for books in the nursery

It is necessary not only to choose the right furniture for storing books in the nursery, but also to competently determine the place of its installation, installation. There are several criteria to be guided in the selection of the location:

The shelves should give the child free access to books;

the furniture should guarantee safety;

it is necessary to take into account the specifics of the interior, the location of zones.

Children’s hinged shelves for books are placed in such a way that a child can easily get any book, put it on the shelf. This will ensure safety and allow to accustom to order. Installation of structures should be carried out carefully to ensure that they are securely fastened. If a large floor model is installed, the child does not reach the top shelves, cells, you need to buy him a comfortable ladder or place decorative items in inaccessible areas.

Most of the shelves for books in the nursery are placed in the area of rest, creative activities. Here there is also a table with a chair or a sofa. If the design is intended for school books, it is installed in the student’s work corner. This provides comfort in use. A small shelf can be mounted in the sleeping area near the bed. Many children like to read before bedtime. In this case, special attention should be paid to the quality of lighting required for this activity.