Listen to Your Mother 2013

I was honored to be in the inaugural cast of the Kansas City Listen to Your Mother show. If you’re not familiar with Listen to Your Mother, you can learn more about Ann Imig and how she started the live reading series that, in her words, gives Mothers Day a voice.

On May 11, 2013, I read my piece, titled ‘The 180 Factor’  to a full room at Unity Plaza on the Temple. Thanks to Buck Sommercamp, the videos are now live on the Listen to Your Mother YouTube channel.

I’m sharing it here not because I like seeing myself on video. I don’t. I’m also not sharing it here because I want to dwell on the past. People might say–have said–that no parent is perfect, and that people change. I know that to be true. I can’t vouch for whether or not my mother has changed from the mother I remember, but I sure hope she has. My piece wasn’t an attempt to condemn or judge her, and if we’re being honest, wasn’t about her at all. It’s about me, how I heard her words and how I choose to talk to my children differently.

I am the mother I am because of every influence in my life. The good, the bad, my father, my mother and countless other influences that have marked me in one way or another.  I hope I’m a good mother, but I’m not perfect. Not even close. As I’ve grown older, I think I understand a bit more about who my mother is as a person but I’m wise enough to know I’ll never truly understand her, because I’ve never walked in her shoes. What I know is that it’s my choice how to act as an adult–as a mother–and that the words we use with our children leave a legacy that will shape their own views of themselves and the world. I do my best, everyday, to practice discretion, compassion and intention.


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About LisaMom, daughter, sister, friend...busy yet blessed single mom to three amazing kids who continually show me the ropes. Writer, reader, yoga student, aspiring runner, book and music lover and work in progress. I blog, write and am Co-Director of Listen to Your Mother Show: Kansas City.
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