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Of the hundreds of stories shared at Listen To Your Mother shows across the country over the past three years, 56 were chosen for the very first Listen To Your Mother anthology, titled “LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER: WHAT SHE SAID THEN, WHAT WE’RE SAYING NOW,” being published by Putnam. Book will be released April 7, 2015. You can pre-order* now.

Listen To Your Mother: What she said then, what we're saying now

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Stuck - I didn’t write a damn thing today, until just now. I should have—I have work to do. But I’m in one of those lulls, the kind in which the mind is full but the fingers are paralyzed; I sit at the keyboard but I can’t get the words out, not on to the page, anyway, […]
The Kansas I Know - Disconnected. That’s how I felt today. I drove to Topeka to do a little research for a magazine article. It’s not a heavy-duty research piece, but it does need to correspond to Kansas History Month (January) and so I toured the Capitol. It seemed the best place to start. I got there just in time […]
Cause I’ve Gotta Have Faith - I talked about faith today with my middle guy. It was after we fought, as we sat in a church pew. He didn’t want to be there; neither did I. I struggled to find words to explain why it was important for us to be there, and even though the words came out of my […]
Mashed Potato Memories - When I asked for help on what to post yesterday, Alexandra suggested that I share my very first Thanksgiving memory. Hers is making stuffing with her grandmother. The thought stuck with me today. For the longest time, the holiday memories that I care to recall are those after my dad married my step mom. She […]
Eternally Grateful - I ran out of steam after profile number thirteen today, which posed quite a problem for my NaBloPoMo commitment. My dilemma is this: what do I write, when my mojo is buried under profiles for the likes of a thirty-something gamer looking for a girlfriend who shares his love of gory video games and “getting […]
Lucky - I am ridiculously lucky. You wouldn’t know it to hear me bitch. I bitch about my kids not picking up after themselves. I bitch about needing new tires, and that I have precious little money to pay for said tires. I bitch that my toes are cold, and I bitch that I’m alone on nights […]
Five Things - I’m relying on Mama Kat again today, and working from this prompt: (4) Five Things. List 5 things we don’t know about you, 5 things you’re knowledgeable about, 5 things you know nothing about, and 5 things you believe. Five things you don’t know about me: I’m wearing two layers of socks right now, because I’m […]
Dirty Fingers - Once upon a time, I made things. I got my fingers inky and painty, I swirled colors onto pages and canvas and cardboard and I stamped, glued, sanded and tore papers until they felt like home. I stuffed the results in binders and drawers, some with pictures and some without. Then I stopped. My energy […]
Opting Out - My middle guy and I are battling these days. Different days bring different struggles, but Sundays are always the same. It’s his year to be confirmed, and he couldn’t be more disinterested. It’s stupid, he says. There’s nothing to learn, he says, because religion doesn’t matter. And I catch my breath and bite my tongue, […]
Natalie Merchant Ate My Blog Post - Natalie Merchant ate my blog post. Okay, okay. Not really. But kind of. See, this is what happened: I’d planned on being a good little blogger, and had resigned myself to a Saturday night spent with my editorial calendar. I imaged there might be wine, and Gilmore Girls looping on Netflix, just for added fun. […]

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