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Of the hundreds of stories shared at Listen To Your Mother shows across the country over the past three years, 56 were chosen for the very first Listen To Your Mother anthology, titled “LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER: WHAT SHE SAID THEN, WHAT WE’RE SAYING NOW,” being published by Putnam. Book will be released April 7, 2015. You can pre-order* now.

Listen To Your Mother: What she said then, what we're saying now

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Happy Birthday, Dragon Boy - I’m a dragon, mom. And you’re a dog. That means we’ll fight a lot. He was about eight or so. Young enough that he wasn’t so damn obstinate when someone suggested going to a Chinese restaurant (or any restaurant with anything other than burgers, chicken strips or fettuccine Alfredo on the menu). Young enough that […]
Ready, Steady - When it comes to the firsts, I’ve never been the best mom. Adam’s first word escapes me, as do Nicholas’s and Erin’s.  I know it was ma-ma or da-da, or some other monosyllabic chant that we appropriated and celebrated as an intentional word. But the details? Buried somewhere in memory, along with countless other things […]
Yes and No - “Really, mom? It’s not like it’s the first time I’m leaving. Isn’t it easier now than it was last year?” That question came up as we talked about your move…six days and counting, now. You’d think it would be old hat by now, wouldn’t you, son? I love that you apply your stoic logic to […]
Playing in the Rain - They danced in the rain today. I was upstairs, working, when he came barreling up the stairs. “Have you seen it?” he asked, with a grin that was somehow bigger than those I’d seen from him lately. When I asked what he was talking about, he said “front door. Now. Right now.” So I followed […]
LTYM 2014 Videos are Live! - The day is finally here! The 2014 Listen to Your Mother season is up on YouTube! One of my greatest regrets is that I can’t personally attend every single Listen to Your Mother show. It’s impossible logistically, as there were shows in 32 cities this season, many of them on the same day and at […]
Hidden - Warning…if you refer to me as your daughter or your mother, you might want to skip this one. Just sayin’.  It’s not good feng shui to have stuff under the bed. Move it, she said. Tonight, when you get home. I knew what was underneath. The storage box made specifically for under the bed, the […]
The Bouqs Flower Company Review - Disclosure: I was given a free Bouq in exchange for a review and social media promotion. All opinions are my own. If you click through a link on this post or on other The Bouq links on this site and place an order, I make a commission as an Ambassador. Using these affiliate links do […]
Eleven Is - Today I saw eleven. Eleven is anticipation. Eleven is waking up to cinnamon roll coffee cake and not caring that it’s all butter and sugar and sugar and butter. Eleven is giddy and impatient, opening cards and forgetting to read who it’s from because what’s inside is so much better. Eleven is sweet to brothers […]
What I’ve Read: Out of Office - One of my goals this year was to read more, and specifically to alternate fiction with non-fiction. In that spirit, I just finished Simon Salt’s Out of Office: How to Work from Home, Telecommute or Workshift Successfully.  Seems like it would all be ‘been there, done that’ info for me, since I’ve worked from my […]
Push: My 2014 LTYM:KC Recap - Our Listen to Your Mother: Kansas City show happened more than a week ago, but I’m still processing. In reality, I’ve been processing since the submissions started to hit our inbox, back when the roads were covered with ice and May 3 seemed like a lifetime away. When those stories started coming in, I waited […]

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