I was honored to be interviewed by Helen Hokanson of the Johnson County Library as part of its Read Local series:

Meet the Author  Lisa Allen   Johnson County Library

Thankful for such wonderful reviews for Listen To Your Mother: What She Said Then, What We’re Saying Now, including these:


“[Listen To Your Mother] proves absolutely that there is no exclusive definition of ‘mother’…[and] is nearly guaranteed to shake up your preconceptions of motherhood…There’s a mother for everyone in this array.”—BookReporter

Lifestyle Publications

“Brimming with essays from quick-witted, unique writers—ranging from new voices to established ones like Jenny Lawson and Jennifer Weiner—this book covers all parenting territory. Part of it is funny and a lot of it is tear-jerking… You may find yourself staying up way past your bedtime because this one is so hard to put down.” Parents magazine

“This collection serves as a significant contribution to literature on and about motherhood because it breaks down the isolation that so often surrounds the topic…. These candid writings feel like a dinner date with a group of smart mothers who share their successes and failures with wit, fear, melancholy, playfulness, and all of the emotions that surround the reality of parenting.” —Library Journal

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Thanksgiving Is - Thanksgiving Day is rainy wet and barely-there cool. It’s goodbye and see you tomorrow and I love you and have fun. It’s closing the door only when I can’t see their shadows anymore. It’s standing in the middle of the room, cold coffee cup in hand, surveying the newly painted but still-the-same beige walls. It’s […]
The Album - I never remembered our anniversary. The moments that made the day are, however, still vivid; my dad pounding a few shots as the girls got ready, which meant I had to drive us all to the church, across the city, in the summer heat. My veil blowing through the driver’s side window as we snaked […]
Vocabulary Lessons at Monsanto: My Thoughts on #farmfoodtour 2015 - I don’t do many sponsored posts. I bristle against it, actually; I feel that there’s an inherent tendency—if only internally—of expected positive reciprocity when someone (a person, brand, company, etc) offers something for “free” if I’ll write about it here in my microscopic corner of the web. Last year I was excited to be asked […]
Resource and Referral: Books that Motivate - I’m incredibly lucky to be surrounded by interesting, engaged, vibrant people. Every month I look forward to one particular meeting: the Resource and Referral Breakfast at Central Exchange. It’s hosted by one of my favorite people, Mona Raglow, and while the attendees sometimes change month to month and the spin is always a little different, […]
What I’ve Read Wednesday: Open Boxes: the gifts of living a full and connected life - When I write articles for local magazines, I intentionally wait to research until after I’ve talked with the subject or source I’ve been asked to interview. I’ve had a couple of interviewees question my approach; the assumption is that I’m not doing it right by not digging up details or at least familiarizing myself with […]
Everyone Should Have a Mr. C.J. - Well hello, grown up shoes. It’s what I saw from the second bleacher row. I hate sitting there; I’m old and fat and sitting that long on a backless bench makes my back ache and my shoulders twitch, so I crane about and look for things to distract myself from my middle aged reality. The […]
The Same - Her face flashed in my mind the second the scalding water hit my shoulders. Her face then, thirty-some years ago, since that’s how I still see her even now; young but vaguely angry, with countless creases radiating from her lips thanks to years of long drags on her Marlboro Reds. Her eyes, big and beautiful […]
What I’ve Read Wednesday: Lose the Cape - Sigh. I’m the Veteran Mom now. I just finished reading “Lose the Cape: Realities from Busy Modern Moms and Strategies to Survive” by Alexa Bigwarfe and Kerry Rivera. It’s a quick, easy read, and it’s filled with anecdotes on motherhood and one common theme: no one can do it all, but if we figure out […]
Today Is the Day: Listen To Your Mother - I’m writing this on my flight from Kansas City to Philadelphia. I was supposed to write it last night—last week, even—but I didn’t. I let time slip away because of poor planning and procrastination and probably another p word that I’m not awake enough right now to conjure up. Today is a big day. It’s […]
Blink, Mama - I always win the staring contests. It used to make my kids giggle—“look how long mom can stare at you!”—as they took turns trying to make me blink. It was a badge of honor, a sure thing. Comforting in a goofy way, I hoped for them, how they could count on mom to never blink. […]

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